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NATO’s focus is on heavy weapons and training for Ukraine – not sending fighter jets

After two days of negotiations and diplomacy, NATO’s meeting ended with many ideas but no agreement to send fighter planes to Ukraine.

NATO didn’t give up despite the smiling faces and goodwill of Ukraine’s Defence Ministry Oleksii Reznikov.

We are told that the question of supplying planes is still “under discussion”, but that other matters took precedence. is one example. The more serious question of ammunition is another.

Ukraine war: Russia is burning bodies to cover losses


NATO believes that Russia is launching an offensive to create a long-term, attritional war on the ground.

Russia has many advantages, including a large population, willingness to take high casualties, and huge stockpiles.

It is not the kind of war most countries expected or would choose.

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These trenches are now on the frontlines of the conflict and would have been right at home in the First World War. NATO, its members, and its larger allies have to adjust to this reality.

The alliance agreed to increase its production of ammunition for Ukraine, even though it is likely that Ukraine will run out of supplies sooner than can be manufactured.

No nation would want to send all of its ammunition to Ukraine, only to be left empty-handed.

Lloyd Austin, US Defense Secretary, stated that “Even though we rush to help Ukraine and build up its industrial capacity, it is necessary that we replenish our stockpiles.”

Image: A Ukrainian soldier fires an NLAW anti tank weapon. Pic by AP

This will not happen overnight

Various nations have promised heavy weapons and tanks to be included in their arsenals, including the UK.

Training will be required for Ukrainian soldiers on how to use them and maintain them, as well as spares.

Image Soldiers from the 79th Air Assault Brigade are stationed near Marinka, Donetsk Region

All of this is not going to happen overnight. NATO will have to figure out how to get all the resources to the right places – it is not easy to send an army’s worth equipment into a warzone.

It is also not an inexpensive matter.

The cost of supporting Ukraine’s war costs many, many millions of pounds for NATO countries. This is primarily borne by the United States.

Image Ukrainian tank outside Bakhmut, a frontline town.

America is open to discussion about how other NATO members can spend more

Not for the first, America is eager to have a dialogue with NATO members about how they could spend more of their budgets.

NATO currently demands that members spend 2% of their national revenue on defense. The NATO wants this to be a minimum requirement, not a goal.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stated, “It’s obvious that we need more.” “We need to stop looking at 2% as a ceiling and start seeing it as a floor. It should be clear that 2% is not a minimum.

NATO’s July meeting for heads of state will discuss the topic.

Image Ukrainian soldiers fire a BM-21 Grad multiple launch rocket system at Russian troops in Donetsk Region

If Turkey and Hungary finally drop their objections, then Finland and Sweden could be full members by then.

Stoltenberg made it clear that he believes both should be members by now and will fly to Turkey for further discussions.

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“Are fighter jets on your top wish list?” ‘

Ukrainian defence minister brandishes fighter jet handkerchief

Ukraine wants fighter jets and more air-defence system.

President Volodymyr Zilenskyy sounded that beat during his whistle-stop tour through Europe. Mr Reznikov also repeated the message when he visited Brussels, displaying a handkerchief with the blueprint for a fighter jet.

It didn’t matter that this plane was a Russian Su-30. He was clear in his message, but the Su-30 has not been heeded.

Problem with providing jets is that it takes time to train pilots and requires heavy specialist maintenance. Their use may be limited if Russia launches missiles from its territory.

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“Ukraine has a window of opportunity for tipping the balance”

For the time being, NATO countries prefer to focus on heavy weapons, ammunition, training, and supply chains.

They believe that the ingredients are there to keep Russia at bay and allow Ukraine to launch a counter-offensive during spring.


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