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Biden says he’s willing to work with political rivals – but Republicans say he is ‘unfit’ to be president

Joe Biden pledged to work with political opponents in his most recent State of the Union address.

The US president spoke before Congress for the first-time since Republicans took control of Congress last month.

Although he acknowledged America’s democracy was fragile, Biden said that it is “unbowed” and “unbroken”.

The Democrat stated that there is no reason why we shouldn’t be able to work together in the new Congress – Americans want unity.


He said, “The people sent us an unambiguous message.” Fighting for the sakes of fighting, power to power, conflict for conflict’s sake, get us nowhere. We’ve been sent here for the job!

What’s the State of the Union?

The president uses this annual speech to outline their legislative priorities for the coming year.

Biden appealed to bipartisan cooperation in cancer research, veteran support, and fighting the opioid and overdose epidemic.

However, some of his other suggestions, such as a minimum income tax for billionaires, are unlikely to get passed by the current Congress.

The president’s request for a national cap on insulin costs, which would mean that diabetes patients would not have to pay more than $35 per month (PS29), may not be approved by Congress.

Uninsured people can pay up to $900 per month for insulin. This puts pressure on many to cut back or skip insulin doses, which could lead to serious health problems.

In his speech, Mr Biden also spoke out about reforming police after the death Tyre Nicks of a black man who was beaten to death by Memphis officers. As his parents watched, he paid tribute to Mr Nichols.

The White House has been at odds with Kevin McCarthy, the new Republican House Speaker. They are arguing over America’s $31.4trn debt ceiling (PS26trn). This must be increased in the next few months to avoid default.

In a video before the State of the Union address, McCarthy stated that he respected the Democrats and has the right not to agree on policy.

He said, “I want to ensure that this country is stronger and more economically sound, as well as energy independent, secure, accountable, and secure.”

McCarthy cautioned Biden not to use the term “extreme MAGA Republicans”, in his speech. This was a reference to Donald Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again”.

Image Photo: AP

Biden remains unpopular

Recent Reuters/Ipsos polls showed that Mr Biden’s approval rating was 41%. This is very close to his lowest level as a president.

As of right now, 65% believe that the country is on a wrong track. This compares to 58% last year.

The US, like the UK has been experiencing high levels of inflation over recent months. However, the Federal Reserve expects “significant declines” in 2023.

The speech by Mr Biden was intended to be optimistic ahead of the launch of the second presidential campaign in 2024. This is expected to happen in just a few weeks.

In November, he turned 80 years and would have been 82 if reelected for a second term. Recent polls indicate that this is a concern for many Democratic voters.

Image Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Mr. Biden was ‘unfit’ to serve as commander in chief

Biden is ‘unfit for service,’ Republicans claim

Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders was the Republican’s response to Mr Biden’s speech. She previously worked as Donald Trump’s press secretary.

She attacked Biden in a ferocious attack. She claimed that he was “unfit” to be commander-in-chief and that his administration was more interested “woke fantasies” than the “hard realities” facing Americans every day.

She stated that the Republicans are for freedom while the Democrats favor government control.

“Biden, the Democrats have failed to you. They know it, you do, and it’s now that it’s time to make a change,” Ms Huckabee Bernie said.

She said that right and left do not divide the US anymore. “The choice is now between normal and crazy.”

“President Biden inherited an unprecedented economic recovery, the safest border in history, cheap, abundant energy from home, fast rising wages, a rebuilt military and a world that was stable, peaceful, and secure. “But over the past two years, Democrats destroyed them all,” Ms Huckabee Bernie claimed.

She criticised Mr Biden’s record and said: “Beyond Afghanistan to Ukraine, North Korea to Iran, and beyond our border, President Biden’s weakness places our nation at risk. The president’s refusal of to stand up against China, our most formidable enemy, is unacceptable and dangerous.

Biden begins to throw punches

Joe Biden was able to punch Capitol Hill in a manner that defied all expectations.

He didn’t miss his target or fluff his lines on the big occasion, unlike Joe Biden.

Too many people think that it is better to let him go than to watch him.

Too much is said about the 80-year-old president. He seems too old, infirm, and incapable of running for another term in the White House.

He has stated that he will stand again, and strong hints point to an announcement very soon.

This is why the State of the Union was important to Biden the Candidate – it served as a political platform and setpiece.

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