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A new Russian offensive appears to be imminent – that’s why Ukraine says it needs as many tanks as possible

This is the largest American weaponry package to Ukraine since the Russians invaded.

These numbers are astounding, both in terms of financial value and the number of pieces of military hardware the Americans are giving up.

It costs $2.5 billion (PS2bn). It includes 59 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles (PS2bn), 90 Stryker Armoured Fighting Vehicles (PS2bn) and 350 Humvees, the iconic 4×4 vehicle of the US Army. You will also find over 21,000 different types of artillery rounds, and many more.

Tanks are missing from the list. These are the tanks that the Ukrainian military says they need to defeat the Russians, and not just maintain the frontlines.


The world is ‘complimentary’ about Ukraine’s nuclear threat, UN – Ukraine’s latest

Why is the US unable to supply the M1 Abrams, their main battle tank? It’s a matter of supply chain and maintenance. It is true that the vehicle is 10 to 15 tonnes heavier than European counterparts. This makes deployment and maintenance more difficult.

However, there are still concerns about America’s overprovoking Vladimir Putin. Washington policymakers ask: What are his boundaries?

I’ve heard from military sources that there is frustration and confusion over why the Biden administration won’t hand over some tanks to break the German impasse, and to increase the Ukrainian numbers even if it was just a handful.

Critics point out that the Americans provide insufficient weapons to sustain the war but not enough to end it with a victory for Ukraine.

Continue reading: Ben Wallace revealed that Berlin asked permission to send the German-made Leopard 2 tanks, made by Germany, to Ukraine.

Sending Ukraine tanks weakens UK forces, says Army’s top general

Are some American policymakers seeing a strategic opportunity to prolong the war to crush the Russian military and Mr Putin?

Another related development is that the CIA director was in Kyiv for the past few days to meet the Ukrainian leadership.

Image Britain sent Challenger 2 Tanks for use in Ukraine

The discussion would have been limited to tanks and would have centered on the plans of Mr Putin for the coming weeks and months.

Remember that a year ago, American intelligence was spot-on when the CIA repeatedly warned Ukraine of an imminent invasion. Many people doubted that Putin would do it. He did.

It is believed that Russia is planning a new offensive.

The Ukrainians fighting on the frontline state that they require as many tanks possible.

The leadership of Ukraine is concerned about Western fatigue in relation to Ukraine. It’s clear that Republican lawmakers in Washington are growing anxious about the seemingly unaudited flow of weapons to Ukraine.


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