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Key questions remain after uranium discovered at Heathrow Airport

Following the discovery of uranium inside a package from Pakistan, Heathrow Airport will launch a multi-pronged investigation.

The authorities will be happy that their systems worked and that the material was found. However, they need to quickly answer key questions in order to determine if additional packages are coming.

It is not an innocent reason to put Uranium in the Post, unlike other lower-level radioactive material used in scientific devices.

It is only used for nuclear power and nukes, so it is reasonable to suppose it was sent for evil purposes.


The reported travel trail is also not encouraging.

“Where it came from, who it seems to be going too and what it is.” All of that seems nefarious,” Hamish De Bretton Gordon, ex-head of the British Army’s chemical weapons unit told Sky News .

According to news reports, the package was originated in Pakistan. This country has nuclear weapons and strong links with extremist organizations and elements of its security agencies.

More information from the UK

We are told that it was intended for Iranians living in the UK, but no arrests have been made. Security agencies will be extremely concerned if these reports are true.

Recent plots to assassinate British targets, including journalists, have led to the involvement of Iranians.

This investigation will require the identification of the intended recipients to establish motives.

Although it may sound alarmist to some, one of the most likely uses for uranium is to make a dirty bomb.

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Uranium found in package at Heathrow Airport

Passenger jet from Pakistan carries uranium to the UK

It is too little uranium to make a nuclear weapon. It would require kilos.

A dirty bomb is an explosive device that emits and scatters radioactive material across a large area.

Panic and terror can be caused by a bomb containing uranium and being detonated in an area populated with people. Its primary impact would be psychological. This would cause panic and alarm in a large area.

This is the most serious radiological event since the poisoning of Russian with polonium, Alexander Litvinenko in 2006.

After the assassins managed to smuggle radioactive agents past border controls, it was necessary to overhaul controls. This is a testament to the success of these changes.

Authorities will be alert for any further breaches and seek answers from Oman and Pakistan to understand why they failed to detect the uranium when it crossed their borders.


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