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‘Are you alive?’: The reality of waking up to a warhead falling on your house

Half of Leonid Fatkulin’s house in Osokorki, Kyiv’s southern suburb, is now falling into a crater within his backyard.

He was awakened by the sound of a Russian warhead falling into his home just after 9 a.m.

“I was just about to get up and take a shower. At first I couldn’t understand the sound, but then I heard it. “I opened my eyes to see the door open and that something had fallen,” Leonid says. He was found outside his house, smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee.

Image: Leonid Fatkulin

“I wanted to find out if my son was okay. I shouted at him, “Are you still alive?” I yelled out to him, “are you alive?” He replied with “yes”, and then I relaxed.


Russia launched a massive missile attack on the cities of Ukraine in one of the largest attacks since the beginning of the war.

According to the country’s air force, 54 of the 69 rockets were intercepted.

Officials claim 16 missiles were fired at Kyiv, where three people were injured by falling debris.

More information about Kyiv

Moscow’s message is clear, despite the few casualties.

Three days ago, the Russian defense ministry announced that three of their military personnel were killed by the rubble of a low flying Ukrainian drone they shot down at critical Saratov Airbase Engles-2.

Image Friends reunite after hiding in underground bunkers during the shelling

In just three weeks, this was the second time Moscow declared that the strategic site had been attacked by a Ukrainian drone.

For days, rumors of a retaliatory attack have been spreading. Within hours of the explosions, Kyiv residents were back to normal walking around their city.

Sky News’ Mayor Vitali Klitschko stated that while the capital is resilient, its population is angry.

Image by Kyiv mayor Vitali Klotschko

The Russians are trying to cause depression, especially during Christmas and New Year. They want us to go back to dark times without heating or lighting. He said that they must create a depressing mood for everyone.”

“Rather, the Ukrainians were very angry and said that it was better to stay without electricity or heating than to give up.”

Leonid’s young neighbors gather in Osokorki to clean up his wreckage. He is approached by a young man who shouts at him, and his face lights up.

“They found the second set of my teeth. Leonid grinning after she has put in her dentures from the rubble.

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His expression is disillusioned, but he seems saddened by the realities of war that he has just witnessed.

He said, “This is a crime versus humanity, not just against me but against all people.”

“This time, I was hurt but it will be different next time.”


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