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In city where COVID began, there is creeping sense more suffering is coming

There is a growing sense of suffering in the city that started it all.

Wuhan, now called COVID-19‘s original epicenter, is seeing a second surge.

Two weeks have passed since the abrupt and sudden removal of zero COVID restrictions in China. However, it is not clear what this means for deaths and infections.

Three years after the initial patient was admitted to Wuhan’s hospital with “pneumonia unknown origin”, the sick are back.


We saw ambulances lined up at hospitals to pick people up, and sick people waiting in line at fever clinics.

Many people suffering from symptoms come to this site for advice, medicine and treatment.

One woman was connected to oxygen. A panicked father ran with his child, slung over the shoulder, into the children’s area of the fever clinic.

More information on Covid-19

The vast majority of respondents were not worried.

We met Mr Li in the queue, who brought his wife to see him because she had COVID and was experiencing high fever.

He was familiar with people who had died from the disease in 2020, when it was devastating the city. He hopes that this time around will be less difficult.

He said, “The mentality has changed now, everyone was scared in the beginning.”

“Wuhan was first to be confronted with a new coronavirus epidemic, and nobody else had ever experienced it.

“People are becoming more conscious of COVID and have developed a psychological endurance.

Image An medical worker collects a sample from a Wuhan resident.

“At the moment, the mortality rate is low but the infection rate is high.”

It’s impossible to determine how high or low a particular number is.

The majority of infections are no longer being reported here, and the official death toll is so low that there have been 20 deaths in less than seven months.

Authorities confirmed that COVID-positive patients dying from respiratory failure or pneumonia on Tuesday will be counted. Anyone with an underlying condition won’t.

Experts have warned that there could be as many as a million deaths by spring.

There are also other indicators that things are becoming more serious.

Authorities are ‘extremely anxious

The crematorium was bustling with families, many of them dressed in traditional white scarves and others carrying frames of loved ones.

Authorities were very anxious. They made it difficult to film and two cars of men followed our vehicle throughout the day.

He owns a small business selling funeral decorations. We met him as he was listing the items he had sold that day.

“I am very busy. He said that although the epidemic is less severe than in 2020, it is still much more severe than usual.

“[In 2020] Cremations were all handled government-wide because so many people died that we couldn’t manage it.

“Now, it’s not COVID alone that causes people to die. It is elderly people with underlying problems that inundate their systems that cause the virus to cause underlying diseases and lead to death.”

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Fears of a new pandemic make it too early to declare the end of the pandemic.

The rate at which the virus is soaring in China will be kept secret

We may never know the extent of these deaths, so our instinct is to hide.

This was evident at the market, where many believed the first infected people were.

It is now completely boarded off. It is almost impossible to miss if you don’t know where it was once.

Many people in this area just want to live their lives and are happy to know that Omion is safer than the events of three years ago.

Some people believe China didn’t have time to prepare for the moment. The sudden change of direction will have serious consequences.


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