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CCTV shows chilling moment Russian FSB agents and soldiers scour Ukrainian orphanage for children

Sky News discovered evidence that Russia abducted Ukrainian orphans and children in their care.

These disturbing aspects of this war include allegations that the Russian military deported children.

Sky News reported that Russians had taken children from Kherson’s orphanages. Our investigation not only found evidence to support these claims, but also showed extraordinary courage among ordinary Ukrainians who tried to stop them.

According to Ukrainian officials, 97 orphans were taken by the Russian military when they retreated from Kherson .


The kidnapping of children is a serious violation of the rules and regulations of war.

Putin promises in an ‘important speech’. Follow live war updates

Volodymyr Sahaidak, the director of the Stepanivka orphanage outside Kherson, is Volodymyr Sahaidak.

He said that he knew he needed to do something to protect his children when Russian forces invaded the area.

After the civil war in 2014, he had witnessed what Russians did to orphans living in Donbas.

He said that Russian propagandists told him to take orphans and send them to military schools. Indoctrinate them, then let them fight for Russia.

“It was the most frightening thing, so we began hiding our children because we knew they would take them.”

Image This chilling footage shows armed men walking around the orphanage

The 52 orphanage children were among the most vulnerable orphans and in care. Mr Sahaidak’s concerns were well-founded.

Sky News exclusive CCTV footage from the orphanage cameras captures a chilling moment when Russians arrived to rescue the children

This footage shows agents from Russia’s secret police (the FSB) leading soldiers with rifles through a building meant to be a refuge.

Image Volodymyr Saidak claimed that his orphanage began hiding children because he knew Russians were coming to take them

Volodymyr stated that they confiscated all files belonging to the children because they couldn’t find the children. He also said that they took files and computers. They also took the CCTV system, as they wanted to see where the children went.

Because the orphanage had called, the children fled. The whole village came together to help the children and took them in, usually three to four per family. They were at risk of being exposed to the Russians by their collaborators, and possibly being shot or arrested.

Although the Russians did not find the orphans, they sent fifteen additional children from Ukraine to the orphanage. Sky News has seen videos of orphanage staff treating the children as their own and taking them in.

All 15 children were taken with them by the Russian forces when they finally left the area. The orphanage was unable to do anything.

Oxana, an orphanage teacher, described the day they were taken.

“They were placed in military vehicles and taken away. Soldiers with machine guns were used to take them away. The children were terrified and didn’t know where it was going.”

Image The children were welcomed into the orphanage as their.

Sky News investigated claims that Russians had taken children much younger from a central Kherson orphanage.

Natalya Kadyrova resides next to the orphanage. She also spoke out about the moment that the Russian military abducted the children.

“Russian armoured personnel vehicles stood around the perimeter of the perimeter to protect the soldiers and children from any filming.”

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She remembers the moment when they were just toddlers, between three and five years old.

“Ofcourse I am worried about them, they’re small children. They are simply abandoned children. We don’t know where they are, how they got there or what happened to their parents.

According to the Ukrainian prosecutors, Russians stole 48 orphans between three and five years old from this orphanage. They claim they have opened criminal proceedings in the case and called the Ukrainian secret services to investigate.

Image One child of the orphanage who was kept from the Russians by Volodymr

According to the Ukrainian government, 13,000 children were deported by Russia or taken hostage during the conflict.

His village and Mr Sahaidak saved 52 children from being taken hostage by the Russians. They did not save the 15 other orphans.


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