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Ukraine ‘preparing’ for Russia to invade from north, top commander says

Russia is planning to attack Ukraine from the north, possibly around the anniversary of the first failed attempt to seize Kyiv in February last year, according to a top commander.

According to Major General Andrii Kovalchuk (one of the most senior military officers in Ukraine), President Vladimir Putin could order millions of troops into the war if Russia’s offensive fails in the face fierce and persistent Ukrainian resistance.

He stated that the Ukrainian armed forces would be available to fight millions of Russians but would require more lethal support from Western allies. This would include potentially cluster munitions, which many countries have banned.

“One of the most severe attacks so far” – Ukraine war live update


Sky News interviewed Major General Kovalchuk (48), who was a key architect for a major counter-offensive to the south. He said that Ukraine would win the war and retake all its territory, including the Crimean Peninsula.

However, the highly-experienced and decorated officer cautioned that there might be more fighting to come.

These comments were made in an extensive interview where Major General Kovalchuk shared his thoughts about the operation that captured large swathes in southern Ukraine and culminated in the capturing of Kherson the only regional capital Russia has taken since the full-scale invasion.

However, his most memorable remarks were about Russia’s potential expansion of its attack.

Image Major General Andrii Kovalchuk

“We live with the fear that they will attack again”

When asked if Russian forces would attempt to invade Ukraine from the east, north and south again, possibly even on the 24th anniversary of the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine last year, the commander replied: “Yes, that is what we see. We are ready for it. We are living with the possibility of them attacking again. This is our job.

He seemed particularly concerned about the possibility that Russian troops invade Ukraine via Belarus at the northern border of Ukraine – this route was used to attack the capital.

Major General Kovalchuk stated that a possible offensive from Belarus is being considered at the end February, possibly later, at an undisclosed location within southern Ukraine.

“We are planning for it. We are doing our research. We are looking at how they build strength and resources. We prepare.”

The humiliating defeat of Russia’s first attempt at conquering Kyiv from the North ended Russia’s first attempt.

The more motivated forces of Ukraine were able to defeat the invading troops with a limited supply of Western weapons and weapons within weeks.

“We must be ready” if Putin orders full mobilization

The general warned that if Putin attempted to draw on some 300,000.00 troops he mobilised in the summer, Ukraine would be better equipped to defend itself.

He said, “We mined specific areas and prepared reliable defenses in certain areas.”

“They [the Russians] won’t just walk in as it was on the 24th of February (2022).

He was a frank, open-talking commander who is highly respected by his troops and peers.

Major General Kovalchuk answered a question about whether he expected the mobilization of millions. We cannot exclude such an option. It is something we must be prepared for.”

He said that Ukraine would be able handle such an invading force. Our position today and that of our partners should be very clear, I believe. Our partners will provide all the force and resources to stop Putin’s army of 300,000. But not an army that is three times as large.

Image A map of the war at day 296

Ukraine “needs more arms”

He indicated that Western weapons must be more deadly in order to counter such expansion.

“We need more collective arms – not an assault rifle but a machine gun; and not a projectile but a cluster munition. There is a counter-action to the enemy’s actions. We know that we can count on the support of our partners – those who are determined to help us win. It is not just Ukraine that must win today. We must win.”

The UK is among more than 100 countries that have signed an international treaty banning the use of cluster bombs. Several countries, including the United States, are still not signatories to the treaty.

The general stated that Ukraine requires weapons from Western allies, which are meant for offensive operations in the immediate future.

We need both planes and tanks. A reliable, effective air defense system must be at least 95% effective.

The commander spoke about his forces’ operation on the Western side to capture occupied territory in the south, including Kherson, the regional capital on November 11.

He stated that the ultimate goal was to eliminate all Russian soldiers located on the west bank. The Russians were eventually able to retreat due to timing issues and a shortage of ammunition.

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Russia seeks more missiles

“We will return every square inch of our territory”

It meant that the counter-offensive was only 50-60% successful. The general also noted that the Russian troops had moved to the east to combat the Ukrainian positions and were still able launch artillery strikes onto both the Western and Eastern sides of the river.

The senior commander of Ukraine was not forthcoming with details about the next targets.

He said, “Someday I will definitely pen a memoir.” “I will tell you the truth about what happened. “Today, I cannot say too much to prevent spoiling the future.”

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However, the plans include retaking Crimea.

The general, who was sitting in front of a row of flags representing different regions of the south of Ukraine, said that “Crimea” is a must. It is only a matter time.

He said, “This flag doesn’t just hang there.”

“We will return every square inch of our territory.”

He did not give a time frame for victory.

“I would love to resolve all of the problems this year. However, I believe that we will see everything through to the logical end next year.”


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