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Flight MH370 pilot crashed deliberately, debris suggests

The discovery of debris from Flight MH370 supports the theory that the pilot lowered its landing gear before the aircraft plunged into the sea.

The Boeing 777 component, also known by a trunnion doors, was discovered in the possession a Madagascan fisherman 25-days ago. This is the first physical evidence that a pilot deliberately tried to sink the Malaysian Airlines flight carrying 239 passengers and crew.

A fresh report , published by Richard Godfrey, a British engineer, and Blaine Gibson, an American wreckage hunter, suggest that the landing gear door, which was washed up, was likely penetrated by the engines of the plane, which disintegrated on impact.

It is highly probable that the landing gear was damaged when the aircraft crashed into southern India Ocean on March 8, 2014. This leaves behind one of the most fascinating aviation mysteries in recent times.

Image A piece of floating debris was washed up on the South shore of the Antsiraka peninsula in Madagascar

Their new analysis suggests that Mr Godfrey & Mr Gibson believe the airliner crashed fast and deliberately.

The report states that “the fact that the damage was on the interior side and the exterior side… leads us to conclude that the landing gear was extremely extended on impact which supports the conclusion, that there was an active flight attendant until the end of the flight.”

It said: “The severity of the damage on all sides, and the extreme force of penetration right through debris items lead to the conclusion the end of flight was in high-speed dive designed for ensuring the aircraft broke apart into as many pieces possible.

More information about Mh370

“The impact of MH370’s crash on the ocean was not a smooth landing.”

According to the report, the combination of the high speed impact to disintegrate the aircraft and the extended landing system designed to sink it as quickly as possible show that there was an intent to conceal evidence of the crash.

If they are required to land on water, pilots should not lower their undercarriage. The extended landing gear can dig into the water and cause damage, increasing the risk of an aircraft crashing.

Image Puncture on the door

Although four pieces of debris believed to be belonging to the missing airliner were found on the same beach as the door, it is the only one that offers any real clues to the 2014 crash.

The authorities have received 19 pieces of wreckage that washed up on Madagascar’s shores so far.

The damaged landing gear door was found at the home of a fishing man. He discovered it washed up on the Antsiraka peninsula shore in March 2017, following the tropical storm Fernando.

The debris was kept by the fisherman for five years. He had no idea it existed. It was kept in his large yard. His wife used it to wash dishes. He admitted that he didn’t know what it was.


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