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‘Putin is a monster’: UK must help punish Russian war crimes, Ukraine’s first lady says

The first lady of Ukraine has asked the UK to create a special international tribunal to investigate Russia’s aggression against her country. She stressed that it was not enough to “stop the war” but to take the next step.

In an interview with Sky News’ Beth Rigby interviews, Olena Zilenska stated that Russia uses sexual violence as a weapon and she would like Rishi Sunak’s government to “find and punish those responsible for the war crimes”.

Ms. Zelenska claimed that the youngest victim of the Russian occupation was four-year-old Marissa Zelenska, and that the oldest survivor was 85.

Ms. Zelenska promised to discuss her wishes with the prime minister. She said that “And, ofcourse, until justice is done we will not feel secure.”


She said, “I have not had the opportunity to discuss with you yet, but I hope I will during your visit. So now I have the opportunity to do so and I know that the prime minster discussed it with President of Ukraine.

It’s not an instant solution. It cannot be solved by asking. It’s quite complex with many players, so it’s important to get the ball rolling.

“But, the important thing is that we hope that the prime minister will prevail and lead the creation of this.

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When she was told that only two people have been convicted of rape by the International Criminal Court in the past 20 years, and that it is apparently difficult to get justice, the first lady of Ukraine admitted that it would be a “battle”. However, she said that if victims and the Ukrainian state fight for justice together, then “we will manage together.”

When asked if Russian President Vladimir Putin is conscious or “simply an monster”, Ms Zelenska responded: “The second.”

She also revealed that she does not have a direct message for the Russian leader.

“I will be completely honest with you. I don’t want to speak to him directly. “I don’t want to be in this situation,” Ms. Zelenska stated.

The nation’s first lady, who was asked how important it was that President Putin face justice for the crimes he committed in Ukraine, stressed that everyone involved in the crimes should be punished.

She stated that she believed it was not one individual as Putin.

Image Ukraine’s first lady met Rishi and Akshata Murty Monday

In an intimate interview, Ms. Zelenska, a mother to two children, described how war in Ukraine has impacted her family.

“Well, we talk a lot to our children. Sometimes, I think they learn faster than adults. They are braver than adults. Volodymyr, and I, try to be so that they don’t worry about us and that they know everything is okay.

“I believe we are doing the right thing. They are my job. Unfortunately, the air raid siren is in Kyiv right now as we speak.

“At the moment, my son is being taken to school. Now, I worry about whether my son will make it safely home.

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Russia uses rape to ‘a weapon’

When asked about her husband, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Ms Zelenska said that her children don’t see their father often and that she strives to give them the stability and confidence they need.

We try to make the most of every moment when they see their dad. We are excited for the day when we won’t have time to count down the minutes and watch the clock until we have to all go in different directions,” she said.

Sky News spoke to Ukraine’s first lady, who stated that her country’s main goal is to restore peace in Ukraine and allow traditional Christmas celebrations to take place in 2023.

She said that Ukrainians would “warm one another with our hearts” in the year ahead of Russia’s continued attack on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, including power stations, transmission lines and pipelines.

Ms. Zelenska also encouraged Britons to “enjoy Christmas” as well as “wish Ukraine peace in your Christmas wishes”.

Later, Ukraine’s first lady reiterated her desire for the UK as a leader in helping her country achieve justice against Russia. She addressed a group of peers and MPs that included Boris Johnson.

She spoke in front of a Union Jack as well as a Ukrainian flag.


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