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‘They want to kill us all… but we are not afraid anymore’ – the moment Russia took revenge on Kyiv

Russia launched the most severe attack on Kyiv this week since February’s invasion of Ukraine. It killed and injured some people still living in the capital and severely damaged vital infrastructure.

In the latest Sky News Ukraine War Diaries podcast, the toll of the attack and panic that followed are brought to sharp focus.

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Ilyas Verdiev, a witness to the attack from his central Kiev apartment, said that there were seven bombs, seven rockets and seven hits.


“I saw smoke rising from the buildings… Some people don’t even have electricity.” Some people don’t have water.

Image Ilyas Verdiev was there to witness Monday’s attack in his apartment in Kyiv

He continues, “The missile struck the road and crossed just a few meters from the kindergarten where my boy used to go.” “Thankfully, they are now [away] and don’t have the burden of witnessing this,” he says.

Verdiev’s two sons and his wife fled to Poland within days of the Russian invasion. The attack on Kyiv, which has not suffered as much as other cities in Ukraine, has caused an emotional upheaval.

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Verdiev says, “All you want for them is to die.” It’s hate. It’s not hate. It’s more than hate. It’s another stage.

Officials claim that at least 80 Russian missiles have struck targets in Ukraine.

Image Russia’s response to the attack on the Kerch Bridge, which connects Crimea with the Russian mainland is credited with launching missiles at Ukraine

The attack on Monday morning came after the bombing of Kerch Bridge which connects Crimea to the Russian mainland. This bridge is vital for Moscow’s war effort and was the target of the Monday morning attack.

Oksana Koshel (a Kyiv resident who also contributes to Ukraine War Diaries) had left the capital hours earlier on a bus to Warsaw and only to return to the area of additional strikes.

She explains, “I woke awake and I started browsing news. And actually all of my bus’s stops along the way to the Polish frontier, they were all under attack.” “And I had this thought for a split of a second, that I wouldn’t want, or need, a bomb to locate me somewhere on my way to another place.

Image Oksana is pictured with Seva, a volunteer military.

Russia’s mass missile strike is seen to be a major escalation. It was Moscow’s attempt to achieve a significant military victory after the Ukrainian counter-offensives in its east and south.

Oksana says, “It’s always more disturbing seeing the reactions of ordinary Russian citizens.” They’re like, “Yeah, finally wipe Kiev from the face of Earth.” Get rid of all Ukrainians.

“It feels like the first day in war,” I was asked by someone. I replied, “Yes, the bombings.” We are totally different now. We aren’t afraid anymore.

The creators of Sky News’ award winning StoryCast podcast, Ukraine War Diaries, is a weekly podcast that follows those who live on Europe’s new frontline and those who escape it.

Producer: Robert Mulhern

Additional writing and promotion: David Chipakupaku


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