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‘Terrible torture chamber’ discovered in newly liberated town, Ukraine claims

Officials in Ukraine claim that a Russian-style torture chamber was discovered in a newly liberated town.

The room was located in a de-occupied village near Izyum, which is a city in eastern Kharkiv.

Pisky-Radkivski, which had been under Russian occupation since April, was finally freed last week by Ukrainian troops.

Russia’s front “begins to crumble” – Ukraine war most


Local officials and the National Police reported that they discovered the horrendous item in Borova as they moved through the area.

Kharkiv’s chief investigator of police said that he found a gas mask with a dirty fabric attached. The defense ministry of Ukraine claimed it was forced onto the head “of a victim, who was covered in a smouldering cloth and buried alive”.

Image: Pisky-Radkivski found a gas mask with a cloth attached. Pic: Head of National Security Service’s investigative division in Kharkiv.

The ministry discovered a box of gold crowns for teeth. It was so shocking that it began to make parallels with Nazi and Russian forces. They called the room a “mini Auschwitz”.

However, the crowns were used to torture captives but it seems that they weren’t actually taken from the dead by Russian soldiers.

German newspaper Bild was told by a local dentist that they came from his collection, which was stolen by invaders.

He claimed that he believed the Russians had stolen them believing they were gold, when in reality they were stainless steel.

Sergey, a dentist, stated to the newspaper that he was the only one in the area. They must have been mine if they were found here.

Image: A makeshift bed was discovered in the Izyum room. Photo: National Police of Ukraine

Sergey revealed that locals told him the crowns could have been involved in torture and that Russians used them to “scare” people.

Serhii Bolvinov (head of Kharkiv’s National Security Service’s investigative division) also released photos showing a smashed telephone, pieces of what appeared like barbed wire and a sextoy.

“Neighbors heard screaming from there.” He said that investigators discovered a horrible torture chamber in the village.

He said that police had “names of victims” and that an investigation was underway.

“People were intimidated and beaten and abused”

The Russian troops were accused by the National Police Force of war crimes during their occupation.

It stated that Russian soldiers entered the village and drove the residents from their homes. They then settled in the area.”

“People were intimidated and beaten, and they were abused. Russian occupiers looted homes. It added that filth and dirt are the hallmarks of the “Russian world”.

Image: Inside the so-called torture chamber. Pic: National Police of Ukraine

Previously found in Izyum as ‘Mass burial places’

It is not the first time that Russian forces were accused of war crimes in the conflict with Ukraine. Police are currently investigating tens of thousands more alleged incidents.

According to the United Nations Human Rights Office, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has created a grave human rights situation in the country. There are also a variety of violations including extrajudicial killings, torture, and other acts that could be considered war crimes.

The United Nations defines a war crime as an offense against international humanitarian law that is committed against civilians or “enemy fighters” in an armed conflict.

Russia was already accused of war crimes in Izyum after the discovery of more than 440 graves within the town. This occurred earlier in the conflict.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine, stated that a “mass burial ground” was discovered in September.

Bolvinov claimed some victims had been “shot dead”, while others died as a result artillery fire and mine explosions.

Bodies found with their arms tied behind their backs

One of the most infamous alleged war crimes to have occurred in Ukraine was in Bucha . Dead bodies were found with their hands behind their backs in this community.

The area, just outside of Kyiv, was destroyed by fighting. After the Russian troops began to withdraw from the area, images showed a makeshift mass grave measuring 45 feet long outside a church.

Sky News confirmed two videos that showed bodies lying in the street, one of which had at least seven corpses.

Associated Press photos showed people wearing civilian clothing with their hands tied behind the backs. Some were also holding wounds to their head.

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These images led to condemnation from around the world and offered more support for Ukraine, including from the United States and the UK.

Russia repeatedly denies committing war crimes.


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