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‘Nobody needs to be afraid of us’: Far-right candidate on verge of becoming Italy’s first female PM

She has been talked about and analysed, lauded, and criticised.

Some see her as a dangerous far-right demagogue, while others see her as a free-thinking radical breaking the chains of convention. Giorgia Meloni, who are you really?

She is animated and speaks fluent English when we speak. Each answer takes just a few minutes. This is Macron length, even if it’s not Macron politics.

However, Ms Meloni is almost certain to have reached the top of her power by next week.


Four years ago, her Brothers of Italy won a paltry 4 percent in the general elections; this time, she will likely win six to seven times that amount and be elected prime minister of Italy.

She says, “I know Italian people.” They know who we are. We are a conservative party who believes in the national interests of Italy.

“We will prove that nobody in the world needs to be afraid about us.”

Image Giorgia and her coalition partners

She says she is from the political “centre right” and that she would be happy to be the first woman prime minister after having worked with 30 men.

She is aware that she will inherit the country in a turbulent time. She told me that all Italy’s macroeconomic indicators had worsened in the past year, but that stability is what Italy needs. “What Italy needs to be stable is a government that is elected by its citizens and can stay there for five years to build a vision.”

She knows Italy is impatient and has changed its government about once per year since the Second World War. She must make an immediate impact.

“I think about Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher”

What is the top priority? Supporting families and businesses who have been harmed by rising energy costs and inflation due to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine is the top priority.

“I believe the next Italian government should fight for a price cap on gas at the EU level.” If the EU delays, we are prepared to take action at the national level.

It’s an interesting threat. The EU should not hesitate to take unilateral action.

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Twitter controversy over Meloni

Western leaders should be concerned about the fall of Italy’s prime minister

It is a sound of discontented grumbles from various European capitals, even though Ms Meloni insists her country is committed to the European Union, despite Euroscepticism.

“Once the emergency is over, the priority is to cut taxes, support families, and increase the competitiveness and profitability of businesses, and to build strategic infrastructures.

All this may sound familiar? She says she thinks about Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan in the conservative world, but she insists she is original.

“All Europe must defend its borders”

She says that her policy on migration is “to be serious”. It aims to stop illegal immigration and to conduct asylum checks before anyone sets off for Europe. Then, it will distribute refugees to all 27 EU states.

Image Thatcher & Reagan – Conservative soulmates

It should stop African boats leaving Africa by sending a European mission. All Europe must defend its borders and should consult with North African governments to determine who is a refugee.

“Then, we could distribute only refugees in the 27 European nations in the same manner. Illegal immigration is another matter. They cannot come to Italy if they believe they can do so without following our laws.

It is not solidarity for a thousand people to come into Italy, then have them live with drugs, crime or prostitution. This is not how I define solidarity.

“I don’t believe that a serious nation could have this kind of behavior.”

LGBTQ anger

She stated that she would be “absolutely delighted” to be Italy’s first female prime minister.

It should be noted that Ms Meloni was born to a single mother in the suburbs of Rome.

Our time is over. She is now a candidate with many ideas, as her image fades from the computer screen.

She will likely be appointed as her country’s next leader by Monday morning.


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