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Royal recipe for a president: How the Queen anchored a ‘special relationship’ with US that could now be under pressure

A letter was delivered to the White House in Washington, January 1960.

It was meant for the President and contained a recipe to make drop scones.

It said, “Dear Mr. President.” “Seeing you standing in front a grilling quail in today’s newspaper reminded me that I hadn’t sent you the recipe for drop scones. I gave it to you at Balmoral.

“I have rushed to do it now, and I hope they will be successful.”


It was a letter that the Queen wrote to President Dwight Eisenhower. She was honoring a promise she made to him one year ago.

This informal, handwritten letter suggests a close relationship. It may also be a nod towards what would be an enduring “special relation” between America and Britain.

The latest news, live from Queen’s funeral – man taken into custody for trying to rush Queen’s coffin; long lines in cold nights; King and his siblings remain vigil

Image The Queen advised the President to use less flour and milk when making her scones .

Elizabeth, Queen of England, met every American president since Eisenhower. But he was the one she shared the most close bond with.

She was the wartime princess, and Eisenhower was wartime general, the Supreme Allies Commander in Europe. He oversaw Operation Torch (D-Day), in North Africa, and Operation Overlord(D-Day) northern France.

They had been friends and formed bonds during and after the war in London and Balmoral.

More information on the Queen and the US in

Dancing With Ford to a Flaw in Protocol with Carter – The Queen’s encounters with 13 US presidents

Susan Eisenhower, the granddaughter of President Eisenhower, told me that it was very moving as World War Two was one those conflicts that truly bound people.

She said, “You’re referring to the Supreme Allied Commander and the Royal Family who had really played an exceptional role in inspiring Great Britain during this really dangerous time.” “This is where special relationships begin in an earnest manner.”

This story was a fascinating one and I enjoyed looking through the video archives while researching it. It was an extraordinary spectacle to witness the Queen’s 1957 first state visit to America.

Image Monochrome New York City from footage of Queen Elizabeth’s first State Visit to the USA

In the black-and-white film, she is seen approaching New York City from a boat. It is amazing to see the Manhattan skyline from a boat.

The incredible enthusiasm that this nation felt for the British Royal Family is evident in the ticker tape parade down Manhattan’s avenues.

Ms Eisenhower says that her grandparents’ choice to honor her first visit to America as Queen really highlighted the intimacy of their friendship.

Additional footage captures the Queen and Prince Phillip with President Eisenhower, the First Lady and more. They appear relaxed and their bond is evident.

The First Lady demanded that the royal couple remain in the White House. Most foreign dignitaries stay at the Blair House.

Image Susan Eisenhower speaks to Mark Stone about her grandfather’s special relationship and friendship with the Queen

‘The Queen’s Bedroom’

Ms Eisenhower recalls that her grandparents made it a point to treat her like a guest in the family. She stayed in a room often used by guests from out of town.

“But my grandmother quickly dubbed the Queen’s Bedroom, and brought it into a special classification, really where only the most important guests of the president and first ladies would allow anyone to remain in.”

This special relationship is often cited because it grew from here, and also through many presidencies.

The trans-Atlantic friendship was anchored by the Queen and not politicians. Politicians came and went. She was the constant.

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It was fascinating to see how America marked her death over the past week.

“I will miss this woman very much. It’s very interesting. It’s something that Americans all feel, but she was a true queen and a North Star to us all,” Ms Eisenhower stated.

The United States has been an integral part of Britain’s history for more than 200 years, even though it was freed from the British crown.

Wall to wall coverage

Cable news networks are wall-to-wall in their coverage. Anchors have been dispatched to London for nearly every show on each network.

The commentary was not without critical analysis (not as obvious in the UK). “Mourn Queen, not her Empire” was a headline in New York Times on the day of Her Death.

However, most of the vocal reflections are affectionate. They suggest that many people in this country adored her and had a sweet curiosity about the institution she represented.

This is the country that created the Disney princess and embraced Downton Abbey, The Crown, and other great books. This side of the pond was always going to see a significant impact from the passing of the real deal.

But, more importantly, I feel envy for Americans. They have seen a Queen over the years who is a symbol of unity and a focal point in society.

What now? What will happen to the special relationship?

What was the secret to the scones’ success?

Image Toast to friendship: President Bill Clinton and the Queen in 1994

President Biden made a comment on the Queen’s “constancy” in his reflections. She was the anchor of the relationship.

Bill Clinton once said that the Queen had both the qualities of a diplomat and a politician, but never seemed to have the skills of either. Could the same be said about King Charles?

King Charles does not share the Queen’s love for America and Prime Minister Liz Truss is yet to acknowledge the special relationship.

Will there be more culinary tips shared between presidents and royals? We’ll see. We’ll see.

The Queen wrote, “I tend to put in less flour or milk, but I use the other ingredients as specified.”

“I have also tried golden syrup or treacle as an alternative to sugar. It can be just as good. The mixture should be beaten well and not left to sit for too long before being cooked.

Image Follow the Queen’s Funeral on TV, Web and Apps on Monday at 9:01


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