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The spider found in UK that is 230 times more venomous than native species

A study found that the bite of noble false widow spiders can be up to 230 times more dangerous than those of native Irish spiders.

Researchers from the National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG), investigated the effectiveness of the spider’s poison to discover why it spreads so well through cities and towns around the world.

The researchers discovered that the venom of the species is much stronger than the common northern European spider’s, and that the eight-legged creature can adapt its attack to win in different situations.

Study also showed that false widows can use venom to make calculated decisions about whether they will attack large prey or small prey.


They will only use small prey if they have little venom.

Image The noble, false widow spider killed 95% of its competitors during the study

Researchers also discovered that noble false widows in battle do not inject poison randomly, but instead target the nerves of the enemy, which is where the neurotoxic venom is most effective.

This could explain why larger animals like bats, shrews, and lizards can be conquered by the species.

More information on Republic of Ireland

The noble false widow spider ate 95% and killed its competitors during the study published in the international journal Toxins.

The noble false widow ( Steatoda Nobilis), which is a native of Madeira and Canary Islands, could be one of the most invading species of spiders.

Image The noble false widow spider could be one of the most invasive spider species in the world

It was first discovered in southern England in 1879. Since then, it has been reported in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and North America.

Since the 1980s, the UK has seen a rapid increase in its numbers.

Although the effects of the spider bite on native species are unknown, it can cause mild to severe symptoms.

Michel Dugon, Dr. Michel Dugon’s Venom Systems Lab leader for the NUIG, stated: “Over the years we have learned a lot more about the noble false widows and their venom.

“This study is an important step in understanding the true impact of this species on the ecosystems it invades around the globe.”

Image Scientists released an image in March that showed the first recorded instance of a noble widow spider eating a bat-protected species in the UK

Dr John Dunbar, a senior author, described the noble false widow Spider as a “truly extraordinary animal”.

He said, “At every turning this species has amazed us in its ability become globally invasive to dominate habitats it occupies.”

“The smallest amount of venom, about 1,000th of one raindrop, can cause serious symptoms in people that are approximately 250,000 times more severe than they.”

“Each study leads us closer to understanding why they have achieved their success.”


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