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Russian forces tortured staff at Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant, power industry head claims

According to Sky News, Zaporizhzhia’s head of Ukraine’s nuclear power industry, torture was used to force staff to work at the plant.

Petro Kotin stated that he hopes independent inspectors from around the world will be able visit the power station in the next ten days.

“There are negotiations between the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) and the United Nations regarding their support for this mission. I believe they will be there within 10 days,” Mr Kotin predicted.

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“The situation at the plant is extremely bad right now, and it is getting worse all the time. The site has seen an increase in shelling over the past three weeks.

“The actions of Russia increase radiation safety and nuclear danger onsite. The conditions for our staff are also decreasing.”

Kotin claimed that he used to lead the Zaporizhzhia facility’s operations.

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“They took about 1,100 people from the site and kept them in their facilities, captured facilities and the police facilities in Enerhodar (nearby).

“One person was killed and another was severely wounded.

They want them to accept the Russian way of life. They are being pushed to accept the Russian world with all sorts of psychological pressures.”

The site has been heavily bombarded in recent weeks; each side takes responsibility.

According to Mr Kotin, he speaks daily with the Ukrainian managers at the plant. However, most of the time Russians listen to these calls so they need to be careful about what they say.

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Warning from the President of Ukraine in advance of Ukraine’s Independence Day, 24 August

“We have daily contact with the plant management because the plant is under our control.

“But this is only about operation and physical (issues). While we have our communication channels, we know that they can be controlled at any moment by Russians.

“You can only communicate general questions regarding the operation of the plant. Not security questions.

“Occasionally, from time to time, somehow, sometimes, they can find channels of communication without listening to what we are discussing.”

Normally, the power plant is connected to the Ukrainian grid by four lines. But Kotin informed us that three of those lines were destroyed by Russian military activities.

It is possible for major blackouts to occur if the last line is damaged.

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Concerns about Europe’s biggest nuclear power station

Recent reports have suggested that Russia plans to switch the power to its own grid.

It will be difficult for Russia, says Mr Kotin: “We are connected with the European system, but Russia is disconnected from our system.”

“To reconnection to another network, you must first shut down the system completely. Then you can connect to the other system. But they won’t be capable of doing that, as the lines connecting Zaporizhzhia and Crimea have been damaged.

“They tried to do maintenance, but it wasn’t that easy.”

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Kotin, in a plea for help from Europe, warned that radiation could have devastating consequences.

Everything depends on the weather and the wind. It is impossible to stop it. This threat is to any country that is near Ukraine.

“We must free the plant from any military presence on it.

“If we can do that, if that succeeds, everything will return to normal at the Zaporizhzhia plant, and we will all be safe in our beds.”


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