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‘Don’t use restrictions on girls’ education against us’, says senior Taliban leader

Sky News has learned that the issue of girls’ education in Afghanistan can be solved “with the passage of time” and should not require aid from the international community.

Anas Haqqani made these remarks after the Taliban captured Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. It was one year since the Taliban seized Kabul. The Taliban regained control following the US withdrawal. This came after a 20-year-long campaign.

Later, international funding for Afghanistan was suspended. Millions of dollars in assets from Afghanistan were frozen because of human rights violations by the Taliban and their stance on women’s rights.

When asked if it would be a good idea to compromise on issues like allowing girls to attend secondary school in exchange for aid, Mr Haqani replied: “Regarding Education, the Islamic Emirates made its decision to everyone that this is one of the many incomplete issues across all the ministries.


“This sector of education must be completed and worked out, just like the incomplete plans in other ministries.

“Half the process is functional. As you can see, universities are open and schools are available for girls up through grade six. In other provinces, schools are also open for girls in the ninth grade.

“This issue is not political and will be resolved with time. It should not be a condition of aid, nor should the international community or other institutions use it in a negative way.

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Haqqani said that the country’s economy was in a bad state before the Taliban overtook Afghanistan last year. He also stated that it had only benefited the people in power, and that they were sucking out the blood of the Afghan nation.

He said, “Despite the millions of dollars that the international community and NATO countries have given to Afghanistan, you cannot find one hospital with all the facilities or quality services.”

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Senior Taliban leader for girls’ education

While (Healthcare) may not be at the same level of Iran and Pakistan, Afghans still travel to these countries for medical treatment. This is due to the brutal economic system they have had for 20 years. It should not be called quality, but a brutal economic model.

Haqqani says the new guard is aware that there are changes needed… but it will take some time

Many Taliban believe they want to impose a ninth-century interpretation of Islam on Afghans. This was certainly true in the 1990s.

The organisation has evolved over the past 20 years. Many of the fighters were infants when the war began. They grew up in a world flooded with western products, TV, and advertising.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the old guard has changed, but it does mean that some of their leaders have changed and are willing to accept that things need to change. Anas Haqqani is an example of one such leader.

He is 28 years old and a member the Haqani family. Although they are considered a criminal network by the United States, they are an important force within the Taliban.

Anas Haqqani must frame his potential shift toward a more liberal approach to girls’ education in a way that the old guard can understand.

Haqqani, in an interview with Sky News, acknowledges that girls’ education, international aid, as well as the unfreezing country’s assets are all interconnected.

In essence, he’s stating to the West that the West needs to understand that changes are necessary and that they will occur, but that it will take time.

He also acknowledged that there is no time for the economy, healthcare, and overall well-being of the country.

He is now asking the international community for trust in the young guard.

This is a huge ask for countries such as the United States and Great Britain, but there is growing consensus around the world, from governments to non-governmental organizations, that Afghanistan’s ordinary citizens cannot be forced to die this winter due to a standoff between western powers, and a religious-based organization that can offer little to their rulers economically.

Sky News’s Mr Haqqani spoke out as a new report revealed that the US-led withdrawal in Afghanistan was not planned and was characterized by chaos and confusion. It ended up in tragic but avoidable outcomes.

The sudden evacuation of thousands of Afghans displaced by the US withdrawal led directly to their mass exodus.

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Haqqani, reflecting on the one year anniversary of Taliban control over the country, said that “This is a proud moment for us, because we have achieved all that other countries in the world also celebrate, their Independence Day. And today we have this day.”

“This is our absolute right and we performed Jihad to attain it.

“We have paid a high price for this achievement. We were innocent and did not interfere with other national matters. But we were invaded and have gained our rights.”

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