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Russian troops told to stop shelling Ukrainian nuclear plant to avoid ‘irreparable consequences’

To avoid “irreparable” consequences, a call was made to demilitarize the area surrounding a Ukrainian nuclear power plant.

For the most part, Nikopol in western Russia has been under constant bombardment. People have been killed and buildings damaged.

This area is located across the Dnieper River, which runs alongside Europe’s largest nuclear power station. Both Russia and Ukrainian officials have been claiming for days that they attacked it in violation of nuclear safety rules.

Since the beginning of Moscow’s invasion, Russian troops have occupied Zaporizhzhia’s plant. However, the facility’s prewar Ukrainian nuclear workers still manage it.


According to Ukrainian military intelligence, Russian troops shelled the compound on Saturday.

Anton Gerashchenko is an advisor to the Internal Affairs ministry Ukraine. He tweeted that people were fleeing from the area and shared a video showing them leaving.

Sky News was unable to geolocate the video.

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Now, Zaporizhzhia’s governor has called for demilitarization of the plant and international bodies to enforce it.

Oleksandr starukh stated that demilitarisation is the best option.

“There should be an international response. They must defend this position to ensure that no weapons are within or near the nuclear power plant.

Image Man stands in a crater created by a missile strike in Zaporizhzhia Region

Starukh stated in his video address: “Sooner than later, the fact troops and ammunition are stationed at that location can lead to irreparable results.”

He demanded that the rules of organizations like the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) be enforced.

“All those rules for warfare and all those developed by the IAEA (which controls all matters relating to nuclear safety), unfortunately they don’t work and some of them aren’t effective so we must correct.

“Thank God that they didn’t shell objects that pose a threat to nuclear weapons, and that the radiation background is within normal limits.

“But at the exact same time, sooner than later, the fact troops and ammunition are there can lead to irreparable results.”

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He stated that there should not be any weapons near or in the nuclear plant. So that peaceful cities like Marhanets or Nikopol are not shelled by a nuclear plant.

In his nightly address to Ukraine, the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zilenskyy echoed his comments.

Image Volodymyr Zilenskyy addresses the Ukrainian nation

He said that the occupiers were trying to intimidate people using the Zaporizhzhia nuke power plant.

They hide behind the plant to light at Nikopol and (nearby), Marhanets.

“Absolutely all terrorist state officials, as well as anyone who helped them in this blackmail operation at the nuclear power station, must be tried before an international court.”

Rocket attack

Meanwhile, Russia’s military was pounding other residential areas across the country, while Ukrainian forces launched a counteroffensive in an attempt to retake an occupied south region. They destroyed the last bridge that crossed a river in the Russian-occupied Kherson area.

According to the mayor, three people were killed and 13 more injured in a Russian rocket attack on Kramatorsk on Friday.

The headquarters of Ukrainian forces in Ukraine’s war-torn East is Kramatorsk.

This attack occurred less than one day after 11 rockets were fired at the same city. It is the main Ukrainian-held Donetsk Province, which was the focal point of a Russian offensive to seize eastern Ukraine’s Donbas.

On Saturday, the Russian defense ministry claimed that its forces took control of Pisky. This village is located on the outskirts Donetsk’s provincial capital, which pro-Moscow separatists claim since 2014.

Russian troops and Kremlin-backed rebels seek to seize Ukrainian-held territories north and west Donetsk in order to expand the self-proclaimed republic of separatists.

The Ukrainian military claimed that its forces prevented an overnight advance towards the smaller cities Bakhmut and Avdiivka.


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