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Mighty force of patriotism whipped up by Putin overwhelms doubts about Russia’s power

The annual Navy Day Parade of Vladimir Putin looks spectacular from the banks on St Petersburg’s Neva River; it looks even more impressive on state TV.

It was worth every penny to show the people of Russia just how impressive and powerful their navy and armed force are.

But, think back to April and the loss the Moskva – Russia’s flagship warship in the Black Sea fleet.

Direct hit Ukraine’s defense ministry stated; fire aboard according to Russia.


This is a significant blow to Russia’s reputation and its Black Sea capabilities. It is not the only loss to the Black Sea fleet. The other was against a Ukrainian Navy that has been greatly diminished since the annexation.

Russia’s victory in the Black Sea Blockade was a strategic win that forced Ukraine to mine its own resources.

The Stasis in Ukraine’s ports left large swathes without grain, and most importantly, fertiliser, sunflower oil, and many other exports that would have brought much-needed cash to the Ukrainian economy.

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Despite the Istanbul grain deal, no ship has yet set sail. This is a sign of how little trust Russia has in its intentions, especially after the missile strike on Odesa.

Image During the parade, Aleksin, a Russian corvette, fires missiles.
Image: Novorossiysk celebrations. Pic: AP

Putin today promised to increase the number of big guns

In the next few months, Russia’s armed forces will receive the long-awaited Tsirkon hypersonic weapon.

It will be the first recipient, the Admiral Gorshkov frigate, which has already tested-fired this missile. Putin stated that the Tsirkon missile system will be “unique in the world.”

Although the crowds at Palace Embankment might not have taken it in, they loved the parades and aerial flyovers.

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Putin promises hypersonic weapons

“Didn’t you hear people cheering when Putin arrived? Janna, who was adamant about her dislike for all things British, replied, ” “I’m sorry, but I don’t believe you have such strong leaders,” Janna said.

She pointed her finger at her menacingly and said, “I believe you have set us against one another, two brotherly persons”. “I hope that you will understand the Russian spirit when you are here.”

Natalia wearing a Z T-shirt, merchandise that is more common to see, said she was certain of victory. I asked Natalia what victory meant to her. She said, “Victory over fascism and over the Nazis, for peace!” “.

“What does the term ‘Nazi?’ mean to you?” I ask.

The answer is “People who only care about their nation and don’t accept other nations.”

This is a very broad definition. It’s no surprise that it is so popular in Russia. It’s a world far removed from Nazi Germany’s atrocities and death camps.

However, not all people are so certain of their president.

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Oleg says that Denazification was fair to Hitler, but there is no Nazism here.

Putin’s last attack against the world is this war. This is the personal attack of a mad dictator on the entire world. The whole civilized world is against the outrage that is taking place.”

Today’s isolated voice. Maybe so, in Russia today.

Oleg is not the only one who doesn’t go to these events, but many others feel uncomfortable with the past five months. Their reservations are overwhelmed by the powerful force of patriotism that Vladimir Putin creates.


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