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Hungary PM criticises ‘mixing’ of Europeans and non-Europeans

Hungary’s far-right prime Minister has criticized the “mixing” of European and non-European citizens, causing outrage.

Viktor Orban stated that “We [Hungarians] don’t belong to a mixed ethnicity… and we don’t want to be one,” during Saturday’s speech.

His remarks sparked anger from European politicians and MPs in opposition.

Katalin Cseh is an MEP representing Hungary’s Momentum party. She tweeted: “To all mixed race’ persons in Hungary. Whatever this senseless racist outburst mean: Your skin color may differ, you may have come from Europe or elsewhere-you are one among us, and we are proud to call you one of us. The nation is strengthened by diversity, not diminished.”


Alin Mituta, MEP, tweeted: “Speaking of race or ethnic purity, especially in such mixed region as central and eastern Europe is purely delusional. So is Mr Orban.

Orban, speaking at Baile Tusnad Summer University in central Romania claimed that “the west has been divided in two”.

He stated that one-half of the world is made up of countries in which non-European and European people mix. He said, “Those countries are not longer nations.”

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He stated that such countries would “continue fighting central Europe to make us like them.”

He said, “In a spiritual way, the West has moved towards central Europe.”

This comes as Orban is about to travel to America to address a group of conservative activists.

American right is increasingly fond of the ultraconservative prime Minister for his opposition to immigration and gay rights, as well as liberal policies.

In contradiction with the EU

Orban stated that the European Union must have a new strategy to fight the war in Ukraine.

He stated that a new strategy was needed to focus on peace negotiations and the drafting of a good proposal for peace…instead winning war.”

He reiterated the fact that Hungary, which is a NATO member would remain out of war in neighboring Ukraine.

His position is in direct contradiction to the rest of EU. He stated that Hungary was not willing to support EU embargoes. Around 85% of Hungary depends on Russian gas imports.

He stated that the Western strategy for Europe was built on four pillars. These were that Ukraine could win a war with Russia using NATO weapons, that sanctions can weaken Russia’s leadership and that Russia would be more affected by sanctions than Europe. And that the world would support Europe.

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EU hopefuls are concerned that they might have been left behind Ukraine in the membership queue

Orban stated that the strategy was failing because European governments are “collapsing like dominoes” as energy prices rise. A new strategy was required, he stated.

“We are sitting in a car with a puncture in all 4 tyres. It is clear that this war cannot be won.”

“That’s the way,” said Mr Orban.

He stated that Ukraine would not win the war in this manner “just because the Russian army enjoys asymmetrical dominance.”

He stated that there was no possibility of peace negotiations between Russia, Ukraine and the United States, and added: “As Russia seeks security guarantees, this war cannot be ended except with peace talks between Russia, America.”


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