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Ukraine war will be 'prolonged' if UK continues to supply weapons, says Russian ambassador to London

According to Sky News, the Russian ambassador to London said that the war in Ukraine would be prolonged if the UK supplies President Zelenskyy’s forces weapons.

Andrei Kelin revealed to Sky’s Dermot Murnaghan, that weapons supplied by the UK are being used to bombard civilians in eastern Ukraine’s Donbas region.

He stated that the conflict would end, and…may end quite soon because…the UK will realize that Russia is not a possible winner.

“The conflict could get worse if the UK continues to supply arms. These weapons are being used for bombing civilians in Donbas and other areas.


“The more weapons the UK sends, the longer the Ukrainian authorities [will] continue to the conflict.”

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Defence Secretary Ben Wallace stated in June that Britain had purchased and was refurbishing 20 long-range 155mm calibre guns of a Belgian arms company to be sent to Ukraine. However, it is unknown if the guns have been delivered or if they are currently being used.

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He and the other defense ministers also confirmed that multiple rocket launchers would be sent, as well as short-range missile system. Ukrainian soldiers also received training in the UK to use a variety of weapons.

Sky News does not have any independent evidence that the weapons provided to civilians caused civilian deaths.

Kelin said that the UK’s new government should be realistic about Ukraine, once it has been formed following the election of a new Conservative leader. “The conflict will not last forever.”

In January, he claimed to Sky News that Russia had no intention of invading Ukraine.insisted that he only said what he knew at the time.

Boris Johnson, the UK Prime Minister, described the UK’s support of the Ukrainian government’s efforts to repel the Russian invasion as “totally incorrect”.

He stated that this was a miscalculation and a strategic mistake. Russia is winning, and it is doing so very quickly.

“UK wants to supply weapons to Ukraine. But the longer it supplies weapons to Ukraine the more it will suffer .

“It is obvious that Ukraine is losing ground, and [we] are gaining ground in Donbas… It is fascinating what the UK government will do to exit Ukraine if it continues to insist that Ukraine prevails. It’s simply not possible.”

Image Ukrainian soldiers used weapons provided by the West in Donbas region

When asked about war crimes that Conservative candidates for leadership have in the past charged Russia with, he replied that it was Ukraine who had been committing war crime .

He said : “First and foremost, there is a record of crimes committed over the eight years that Ukrainians bombed Donbas, killed innocent civilians, and shelled innocent civilians.

“And they continue doing the same now… in Donbas specific. It has been going on for eight years. It continues for eight years.

“We have a long history of Ukrainian crimes that were committed during and after the coup d’etat over there, as well as during the civil war .

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Russian ambassador threatens to end interview

However, more US and European judicial officials agreed on Thursday to coordinate investigations into possible Russian war crimes in Ukraine.

Concerning the Russian blockade preventing ships from reaching Black Sea ports, he stated that it was Ukraine’s responsibility for removing the mines.

As Russia, Ukraine and Turkey worked out a deal to resume Ukraine’s grain exports, his comments were made.

Mr Kelin stated that he was certain of a deal to allow grain ships through.

He stated: The merchant ships will be taken, I believe, and this is now on the negotiation table. But it’s likely that [the] Turks” will also take part. For this purpose, we are setting up a control center in Turkey.

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When asked if Russia would weaponise its gas supplies to Europe this autumn, Kelin replied that it was the EU’s decision, and not the Kremlin, to reduce its dependence on Russian gas.

There is growing concern that Europe could be stricken by a gas shortage, signs of which are already visible.

He stated that the European Union had said that by 2030, Russia will have reduced its dependence on oil, gas and energy from Russia. They will also end it by this year.

“So they are slowly reducing our energy consumption.

We would love to fulfill all of our contracts… We are a reliable supplier with a good reputation and will continue to supply it. However, we must also look for alternatives as they may reduce it. We need to find new markets.

Dermot Murnaghan will host the full interview on Sky News Tonight at 8.30pm tonight.


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