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A key ally, a Skandalnudel, a hero: Johnson likely to be remembered more fondly abroad than at home

Boris Johnson’s shocking death has been the talk of the town.

His colorful character as an office holder and the multitude of scandals that plagued his administration have ensured that.

He was referred to by the German media as a Skandalnudel (loosely translated as scandal glutton).

He was referred to by the Americans as a key ally.


Some criticized him for being too deferential towards Donald Trump, who described Johnson as a British version.

He maintained good relations with Joe Biden’s successor to Trump, especially over Ukraine, despite the friction over Brexit and Northern Ireland.

Many Americans remember the American prime minister as a person they loved.

Boris Johnson: More

Sky News’ Ian Bremmer, a US commentator, said that Britain’s position in the world has not been improved by his time in office.

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Johnson’s resignation speech.

‘Scandal upon scandal upon scandal’

Mr Bremmer said: “He’s very intelligent. He is very engaging. He is a great communicator, but he has been a narcissist as a politician and that hasn’t been good news for the United Kingdom.

“And so, even though the Americans miss him greatly, we must acknowledge that this is a difficult period for UK politics.

“It has been beset by scandal upon scandal, Boris Johnson was caught in lies after lies after lies. They don’t have this.”

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The Rise and Fall of Boris Johnson

Beth Rigby discusses PM’s “dignified” resignation speech

He was a bit of a rebel on the international stage. What other leader would mock Russian President Vladimir Putin at an international summit and urge fellow leaders to show him their pecs?

Some people find it refreshing, while others find it frustrating and liar.

Johnson stated that the government could be relied on to be unreliable

Philippe Lamberts, a Belgian MEP and critic to the prime minister, told Sky News that Johnson’s administration had damaged the UK’s standing in the international community but not irreparably.

“Under Boris Johnson the government could never be relied on – or, would I say, could it be relied upon as unreliable?”

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The Rise and Fall of Boris Johnson

“That is the problem – I have stated publicly that I cannot trust any word of the British government.

“(Whichever] government we know, I hope that we can rebuild trust, since Brexit has occurred and that is just the fact of life.”

It is quite different in Ukraine.

“Here in Ukraine he’s the hero”

Kees Huizinger is a farmer in central Ukraine and told Sky News that he was a hero here in Ukraine.

“It was a shame that it had to come to an end, but I hope there will be others who can continue the fight against Russians.”

Similar sentiments were also expressed on the streets.

The prime minister was among the first to visit Ukraine during the conflict and is considered a strong champion.

Recently, he seemed more at ease on the international stage, where he could escape from the growing troubles at home.

He was able to laugh at the Russian leader in Bavaria, where he attended the G7.

He may be remembered more fondly abroad when he leaves than at home.


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