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Sweden and Finland formally invited to join NATO as alliance tells Russia to withdraw from Ukraine 'immediately'

NATO announced a new strategic concept and confirmed that Sweden will be invited to join its military alliance.

It warned Russia it must “immediately withdraw” from Ukraine. This condemned the conflict in “strongest terms”.

The statement added that Moscow’s invasion by its neighbor “gravely undermines international stability and security” and is a “blatant breach of international law”.

US increasing military presence in Europe – live Ukraine updates


“Ukraine can depend on us for as long it takes,” Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stated.

Dmytro Kuleba (Ukraine’s foreign minister) said NATO has shown it can take “difficult, but essential decisions”.

Madrid has seen leaders from all 30 member countries meet in Madrid to discuss the war and support for Kyiv as well as how to defeat Russian President Vladimir Putin.

They declared in a long declaration that they had decided to invite Finland to NATO and to accept the accession protocols.

“We are pleased to see the conclusion of the trilateral memo between Turkey, Finland,and Sweden.

“The accession to Finland and Sweden will make them more secure, NATO stronger, the Euro-Atlantic region safer, and NATO stronger.

“The Alliance is directly concerned about the security of Finland, Sweden and other countries during the accession process.”

According to Reuters, a senior US official stated that Turkey, , which initially opposed the joining of the two countries, didn’t ask for anything in return.

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Putin will get’more NATO’ on the western front

NATO will defend its territory

NATO set out a plan for threats and challenges and promised to “defend all inches” of its territory. It also outlined a “deterrence & defence posture” that was based on a combination of “nuclear and conventional defense capabilities.”

Its newly published Strategic Concept, Beyond Russia, described China as a threat to “our interests and security and values” and stated that Beijing “strives in order to subvert the rules based international order, even in the cyber and maritime domains.”

Stoltenberg stated that the new concept was fundamental shifts in defense policy.

He said that this is the first time such plans have been implemented since the Cold War.

He stated that allies had also agreed to increase NATO’s common funding.

Plans to: are among the announcements.

* Strengthen forward defences

* Increase presence on the eastern flank

* Increase the number and quality of high-readiness force to well above 300,000.

* Increase ability to strengthen any ally

* Increase command and control

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zeleskyy hailed the summit “crucial” and “groundbreaking” and stated that “Today is the beginning of a new era.”

He said, “In a time (an) extremely aggressive Kremlin the world needs an extremly bold alliance.”

However, Zelenskyy cautioned: “You now adopt the strategy of alliance – this is first of all a strategy to protect your societies and your states. Strategy for 10 Years.

“One hundred twenty-six days of full scale invasion of Ukraine; cruise missiles and torture, children killed, women raped…We don’t have 10 years.” Are you sure that you have them? Do you feel confident?

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Wallace: UK defense needs more money by 2025

Zelenskyy warns Russia that Russia “doesn’t want to stop”

He continued: “While democracies called on Russia’s leadership to be reasoned and moral, Russia was accumulating strength and missiles. The democratic leaders have asked it to observe international law. But tyrants only understand force and force.

Zelenskyy stated that he was looking forward to a shared victory but warned that Russia could fire on other states and it would be “our collective failure”.

He said that Russia’s aggression was not a concern and that it would not stop in Donbas, or in the south of Ukraine. It wants to take over every city in Europe. The Russian leadership regards Europe as its property and not as independent states. This is Russia’s true goal.

“The question is: Who is next? Moldova? Oder the Baltic countries? Oder Poland? Or Poland?


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