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The G7 must find strength and unity to overcome huge challenges – or its enemies will be strengthened

It has never been more important for the world’s wealthiest democracies to meet.

As they meet in Germany this year for the G7 summit, they must overcome great challenges.

They must address the following threats: war, famines, runaway inflation and a energy crisis.

They know that if they fail, the world will lose faith and distrust in their liberal democracies as well as their ability to uphold the values they believe in.


The priority for Joe Biden is to win the war against Ukraine.

His presidency was a chance for the world to be reenergized under his leadership. It has been under threat by the obscene invasion of Ukraine by President Vladimir Putin and Russia’s renewed alliance to China. The world is splitting between the free West, and the autocracies in the East.


The Group of Seven industrialized democracies includes the UK, USA, Canada, Japan and France.

In addition to the G7 permanent members, the G7 leaders from Argentina, India, Indonesia and Senegal were invited as guests.

From Sunday to Tuesday, the summit will be held at Schloss Elmau in the German Alps.

The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zilenskyy will speak to the leaders via remote. G7 leaders will discuss the response to war and its effects on the global economy.

Germany, however, holds the rotating G7 presidency and hopes that the group’s discussions will not be restricted to the crisis in Eastern Europe.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz stated that the war should not cause the G7 to “neglect their responsibility for global challenges like the climate crisis or the pandemic.”

He said that Russia and China would take advantage of the G7 democracies’ failure to support poorer countries.

Russia seizing Severodonetsk is a threatening backdrop for the summit. Putin now controls large parts of eastern Ukraine’s Donbas region. This Russian advance will intensify criticism of Biden’s inaction to lead the West’s resistance against Putin from the front.

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Although the US has offered billions in aid, most of which is military support, critics claim that efforts to bring heavy weapons supplied by the USA to the front have been slow enough to stop the Russian advance.

The Russian offensive will continue if the West does not reverse its actions. This could have a devastating impact on the world’s economy and western prestige for many years. It will encourage strongmen from other countries, including Xi Jinping, the Chinese leader in his belligerence toward Taiwan.

West is plagued by unpopular, weak leadership

Biden must be strong in his support for the possibility that the war will continue indefinitely. He is well aware of their weakness. He will remind them of the stakes, and some are willing to negotiate with Putin, despite his brutal aggression, murderous onslaught, and the ominous disappearances of thousands of Ukrainians from the land he has taken.

The West is divided on Ukraine and plagued with weak, unpopular leadership. After two defeats in by-elections, Boris Johnson, Britain’s Prime Minister, is still trying to hold on to power. His party is fractured. French President Emmanuel Macron failed to win a majority in France’s parliament. His approval rating has dropped to 36%, just three points below Donald Trump’s record low of 33%.

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Olaf Scholz (German host) is still too young to have any serious popularity issues. According to him, unity is the top priority in Bavaria. Putin wants to create a wedge between the west alliance and Russia. France and Germany seem to favor a push to get Ukraine to give up land in exchange for ‘peace. Britain and America worry that this would give Putin a platform to launch more attacks and increase his appeasement. On the eve, Mr Putin’s almost complete conquest in the Donbas could give the idea more momentum.

Leaders must not ignore the warnings about hunger and starvation

The world’s economies are suffering greatly from the war. This has caused fuel and food prices to rise, which in turn has increased inflationary pressures after the pandemic. European countries are well aware that they must cut back on Russian energy, but this could lead to higher inflation.

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G7 members must address the massive food shortage caused by war and climate change. Russia’s blockade of Ukrainian grain and the worst drought in 40-years in the Horn of Africa could all lead to hunger and starvation for millions of people in Africa. UNICEF warns that unless action is taken, children below five years old will die. This warning is one that leaders around the world must heed.

Lukewarm climate pledges could be further watered down

Climate change is the last issue on a long list, but it’s probably the most important.

Although the G7 made a disappointing performance in Cornwall last year, it may have to soften its pledges. Germany is leading the effort to delay plans to stop funding fossil fuel projects abroad while current crises continue. If there are any chances of catastrophic temperature rises, the world can’t afford to delay international efforts to address climate change.

This summit is of vital importance. Multiple challenges face the world. The world’s top liberal democracies must find strength and unity in order to defeat them. Failure will strengthen their enemies and increase the violence and chaos of the past few months.


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