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US Supreme Court backs right to carry guns in public

In a major new development for gun rights, the US Supreme Court ruled that the Constitution allows people to carry guns outside of their homes.

This decision will allow more Americans to legally carry guns in America’s largest cities, such as Los Angeles, New York, and Boston. It is also the court’s first major decision regarding gun rights in over a decade.

This comes as Congress works to change gun laws after shootings in Texas. 19 children were killed and two teachers were also murdered. In Buffalo, 10 people were killed in a grocery.

Since then, thousands have taken to the streets in the US demanding stricter gun control.


The Supreme Court justices overturned a New York state law that had been in effect since 1913 and required people to prove a special need to obtain a license to conceal a gun in public.

They claimed it was against the Constitution’s Second Amendment right “keep and bear arm”.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul called it “absolutely disturbing” and apologized for “this dark day.”

More about New York

Joe Biden, whose administration had asked the court to maintain the status quo said that he was “deeply disappointed”.

It was contrary to “both common sense as well as the constitution” and should be deeply troubling for all.

“I appeal to Americans all across the country for their support on gun safety. The president said that lives are at stake.

The National Rifle Association, a powerful gun group, called the decision a “monumental victory for NRA members” and for gun owners throughout the country.

Although it is legal to carry a firearm in public areas of the United States, it can be difficult to do so in certain states.

New York law requires that “proper cause” be presented when applying for an unrestricted concealed carry license. This means that you must show a real, not speculative, need to defend yourself.

Image People that want the law to remain fear it will lead more gun violence

Similar laws are in California, Massachusetts and New Jersey.

New York law supporters argued that any change would result in more guns being on the streets and increased violence.

The court ruled that the Constitution protected “an individual’s rights to carry a gun for self-defence beyond the home”.

Justice Clarence Thomas was the one who wrote the ruling. He stated that the New York law prevents law-abiding citizens with normal self-defence needs, from exercising their right of keeping and bearing arms.

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What are the US gun laws?

Image Many Americans are in favor of the right to possess and keep a gun

He said, “We don’t know of any other constitutional rights that an individual can exercise except after demonstrating to us.”

Special needs for government officials

The ruling split 6-3 with the conservative justices supporting the change and liberal members dissipating.

In 2008 and 2010, the Supreme Court ruled that gun rights were protected by the Second Amendment.

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The current efforts to tighten laws following the horrors of Uvalde & Buffalo are expected to be the most significant in decades. However, they remain modest due to the resistance from Republicans as well as gun rights’ groups to violating the Second Amendment.

The proposal includes tightening background checks on gun buyers who have been convicted of domestic violence and other serious crimes, as well as those who are juveniles.

The bipartisan bill excludes tougher changes supported by Democrats such as a ban of assault-style weapons and high-capacity magazines.


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