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'Mass death' of children if no global aid as Ukraine war exacerbates worst drought in 40 years

UNICEF told Sky News that there will be a mass killing of children in Horn of Africa if international aid is not provided. This is because the worst drought in 40-years has been made worse by the conflict in Ukraine.

Jamal Abdi Sarman from the UN’s Children’s Charity stated, “The statistics are showing the malnutrition levels in children are higher than 2011 famine.”

“This could indicate a coming famine. We will undoubtedly witness the mass deaths of children in the coming months if an intervention is not made quickly and as planned.

“Knockout blowing” in war – Ukraine’s latest

Image Mother and baby are in the waiting room of their severely ill home

Sky News saw the dreadful consequences of this dire prediction in the dry hinterland of the self declared republic to east of Berbera.

People in fast-emptying villages know what is coming.

We traveled for two hours inland, crossing dry riverbeds and passing one abandoned homestead after the other.

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Two of the three wells in Geyodadheer have dried up and half the population has fled the area, unable to survive after their livestock died.

The last well was gone, and camel herds were watering the animals. These extreme conditions are causing even the most resilient desert animals to suffer, they claimed.

One person said that the drought was bad, but worse was on the horizon.

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“The worst drought of a generation”

This is undisputed. The summer heat is not over, but the temperatures are still high and rains seem set to continue their decline for a fourth consecutive year.

Somaliland is a hot and dry African country.

It is prepared for droughts, but also expects to have years of relief. People move to camps in bad years to get food, and then return to their villages when the rains fall.

However, the rains haven’t returned in four years.

Image The Herders offer water to their camels from the only working well left in the area

We met Ahmed Mohamed, the governor of the region, outside one village.

He said that the outside world must send food and water to help but that the conflict in Ukraine was making things worse.

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Somaliland’s main flourmill is running out of grain. The majority of grain in Somaliland comes from Ukraine and Russia. In the past three months, they have not received a shipment.

The silos should all be full but not more than one-third of them.

Sky News’ Tarek Saif, Manager, said he can’t sleep at night because he is worried about Somaliland’s work force and its people.

The republic will lose its main source for bread if the mill is shut down.

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Why Ukraine’s grains matter so much

Somaliland is now ravaged by drought and war, and it threatens a humanitarian catastrophe.

Sky News’ Jamal Abdi Sarman, UNICEF’s Director of International Development, stated that there is an urgent need to international intervention. “Unicef has already doubled its emergency appeal to 250 millions dollars and only 20% has been funded.”

According to aid agencies, declaring a famine is only possible if more is done.

2011 saw the deaths of 25% of children below five years old. To prevent another disaster on a similar scale, the world must act immediately.


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