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Trump 'poured gasoline on the fire' during US Capitol riots, official hearing told

A House investigation revealed that Donald Trump “poured gasoline on fire” during the riots at US Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Some of Trump’s closest advisors believed that an attempt to reverse the 2020 US presidential election result was “crazy”, according to the select committee.

The session’s latest focus was on an attempt by Vice President Mike Pence, to reverse the result and deny Joe Biden victory.

John Eastman, a conservative lawyer, came up with a plan that would keep Donald Trump in the Oval Office.


The goal was to convince Mr. Pence to ignore historical precedent and preside over a joint session Congress on the day the riots occurred. He refused to accept Mr. Biden’s win.

Mr Eastman suggested that Mr Pence could refuse results from certain states if they were unlegitimate. This gave Republicans in those states the opportunity to declare Mr Trump victor.

Trump took Mr Eastman’s plan as his own and began to pressurize Mr. Pence both in public and private.

At 2.24pm, Mr Trump tweeted that, while the attack on Capitol Hill was continuing, Mr. Pence didn’t have the courage to stop it.

Sarah Matthews, a Trump White House staffer said that it felt like he was adding fuel to the fire by tweeting this.

Image Lawyer John Eastman and Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer, on 6 January 2021

Marc Short, Mike Pence’s chief of staff, testified at the hearing. He said that Mr Pence had told Mr Trump many times that he didn’t have the authority to prevent the vote from being certified in Congress.

Gregory Jacob, a lawyer representing Mr. Pence, stated that Mr. Eastman had admitted before the president, two days prior to the attack, that his plan for Mr. Pence to halt the process would be against the law.

“It is amazing that these arguments even existed, let alone been entertained by the president,” ex-US Appeals Court Judge J Michael Luttig, an informal adviser to Pence, stated.

Rioters outside of the Capitol started shouting “hang Mike Pence!” and came within 40ft from where he and his crew were sheltering.

The White House expressed deep concern about the situation. Jason Miller, a Trump campaign adviser, stated that those around Mr Trump were calling the plan “crazy”.

Image: Rioters chanted “hang Mike Pence”. File pic

Eric Herschmann was a Trump lawyer and said to Mr Eastman, “Are your effing minds?”

Recorded testimony at the hearing showed Mr Herschmann saying that he had told Mr Eastman that he said to him: “You’re going turn around and tell 78 million people in this nation that your theory is this. This is how you’re going invalidate their votes.”

“You are going to cause riots on the streets.”

Fox News’s Sean Hannity sent Mark Meadows, the chief of staff at Fox News, a text message in the lead-up to January 6th, saying he was “very concerned about the next 48 hours”.

Image: Chairman Bennie Thompson stated that the US democracy was ‘dangerously close to disaster’

Democrat Bennie Thompson was the chairman of the committee. He stated that US democracy had “come dangerously close” to disaster.

There was “almost nothing more un-American” than that which Mr. Pence was asked to do – to reject the vote. Mr Thompson agreed.

According to Republican Liz Cheney, the vice chair of the panel, Mike Pence, by refusing to comply with Mr Trump’s demands “did his duty”, she said.

Short stated that his boss was determined not to leave the Capitol, and would continue the job.

CNN’s Mr. Short stated that he knew his job was to keep his position.

Trump repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, but he continues to claim that he lost the election due to widespread fraud.


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