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'This is a dreadful mistake': Head of UK armed forces says Russia has 'strategically lost' the war in Ukraine

According to the UK’s military chief, Russia has “strategically lost” the war in Ukraine.

Admiral Sir Tony Radakin stated that Vladimir Putin had only used 25% of Russia’s army for “tiny” gains.

He said that Russia could achieve “tactical success” in the next weeks but that any notion of victory was “nonsense”.

War in Donbas at the ‘pivotal point’ – Ukraine’s latest updates


Sir Tony, the UK’s chief defense staff officer, stated that Russia was running out of troops, advanced missiles, and that it would never be possible to control all of Ukraine.

He made these comments as Ben Wallace (defense secretary) told Sky News that it was “highly probable” that the UK would add hundreds of troops to an NATO force in Estonia, which is tasked with further deterring Russia.

Sir Tony stated: “This is a terrible mistake by Russia. Russia will never be able to take control over Ukraine.

Russia has already lost strategically. NATOis more powerful, Finland and Sweden want to join.”

According to him, Moscow was forced to abandon its goals of taking control of most Ukrainian cities. Instead, it is now engaged in a tactical war in which fighting can be “tough”.

Image: Admiral Si Tony Radakin

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Sky’s Deborah Haynes talks to Ben Wallace

Ambulances are ‘covered with blood’ and nothing’ in Donbas

Are Putin’s health problems real? What are the rumors about Putin’s health?

Sir Tony stated: “The Russian Machine is Grinding Away, and It’s Gaining a Couple of – Two, Three, Five – Kilometers Every Day.

“It’s going to be hard for Ukraine, but it is going to take a long time. We support Ukraine because it has proven how brave it is.

“Russia has vulnerabilities because it is running out people and hi-tech missiles.

Image What’s the situation in East Ukraine at day 113 after the invasion

He said, “President Putin used approximately 25% of his army power to gain a small amount of territory and 50,000 people dead or injured.”

He said that Russia is now a “more reduced power” economically and diplomatically than it was a few months ago.

This is not a victory for Russia. Russia is failing.

“It may have had some tactical successes in the past few weeks. These might continue for several weeks.

“But Russia is losing strategically.”

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EU leaders visit war torn Ukraine

The key developments in Ukraine

* EU leaders back Ukraine’s bid for membership

* UN claims that the deaths in the battle for Mariupol’s key port city are likely to have been “in the thousands” or “gross violations of international human rights law.”

After an airstrike on the eastern city Lysychansk, at least four people were killed and seven others were injured.

It has been revealed that 660 families from Ukraine are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless in England.

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European leaders back Ukraine’s EU candidacy

Sir Tony stated that he was in contact with General Valerii Zaluzhnyi from Ukraine, who acknowledged they were fighting a “tough fight” in the east.

On Thursday, the defense secretary acknowledged that Russia had outnumbered Ukraine in artillery firing by 20 to 1.

However, Mr Wallace said to Sky’s defense and security correspondent Deborah Haynes, that because allies were beginning to provide Ukraine long-range artillery, and rocket systems, they would soon make “significant progress” in the east.

Tony made a special tribute to the Ukrainians. He said, “They are courageous people.” “They are ingenious in the way they fight the Russians.

“But they are also honest people with the truth that they need help.”

He stated that the UK would continue to support Ukraine and that “we’re here for the long-term”.

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Day in Ukrainian Medicine

Mykhailo podolyak, the Ukrainian presidential advisor, asked the West to help him achieve “heavy weapon parity” with Russia during the war. He called for more heavy artillery and rocket systems.

Sir Tony stated that he was wary of phrases like parity, as it would not be determined by one capability.

He said that the UK provides MLRS rocket systems, and recently delivered 120 armoured fighting vehicle.

He stated, “We have been providing anti-tank arms, there are additional elements that we provide and that will continue.”

“But it is the mass that’s provided the whole of international community – it’s putting it alongside the courage, the determination of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to fight for their territories.

“That’s where the true parity is, and the real strength of Ukraine.”


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