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Sinn Fein contains 'huge number of convicted criminals', Varadkar says

Leo Varadkar, Ireland’s deputy prime Minister, stated that Sinn Fein has a “huge amount of convicted criminals”, including tax dodgers as well as murderers. This was during a heated debate in Ireland’s parliament.

This exchange began when Sinn Fein’s Pearse Donherty and Mr Varadka were discussing the cost of living.

Sinn Fein’s finance spokesperson, Mr Pearse, said that the deputy PM was “outof touch” about the matter.

Mister Pearse said that Varadkar should be more humble, given that the Director for Public Prosecutions is looking into his leakage of a confidential document.


However, Mr Varadkar claimed that this was a “cheap shot”, and then went on to accuse Sinn Fein as a “hypocritical” party that receives millions of donations from vagabonds who reside in caravans.

He first attacked Mr. Doherty’s personal life.

“It speaks volumes about you and your character and nature, and it’s especially strange that you have been prosecuted,” Mr Varadkar stated.

“You mistreated and abused a Garda Siochana (police officer).

“For that, you were charged and found guilty. Because of your age, you were able to get away with it.

“But, you were actually charged and you were taken into custody. That’s what happened.

Image Mr Doherty claimed that Mr Varadkar was out of touch with the cost of living

Mr Varadkar is the leader of Fine Gael and then moved to Sinn Fein.

“There are many convicted criminals within your party and your wider republican family. Whether that’s tax dodgers such as Slab Murphy, or good republicans like Mary Lou McDonald, there are good republicans who are tax dodgers. People who were convicted of murder.”

Varadkar said: “We know your party’s attitude to rape, paedophiles, and what you have done in relation thereto. Your cheap shots are a lot more telling about you than about me.

Mr Pearse also mentioned a dinner hosted Wednesday by Mr Varadkar.

That was another “cheap shot”, according to the deputy prime minister.

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He stated that he hosted a dinner to thank his colleagues for their service over the years. There was no public money involved.

You host dinners in America. People pay $1,000 per plate for dinner, and the party leader fly first class to get there.

“That’s what one does in the middle of an economic crisis. I believe Mary Lou McDonald is about to announce a second first-class trip to Australia. She should be there in the next few weeks. There she will be sipping champagne with Trinity alumni in Australia as well as the Australian Business Association.

Varadkar continued: “So that was a cheap shot. Especially coming from a hypocritical political party like yours. A party that receives millions from vagabonds living in caravans.

“A party that is one the largest landlords in the state, and someone who runs his constituency office with public money from some type of republican company.

“So cheap shots, especially from you, should not be taken as they are from the Irish people.”


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