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Justin Bieber's 'quite severe' facial paralysis could mean he is left with it 'long term', expert says

According to Sky News, Justin Bieber may have experienced “quite severe loss of movement” in his face. He could also be suffering from paralysis long-term, according to a neurological expert.

The 28-year old singer uploaded a video to Instagram late Friday night, revealing that he had been diagnosed with the rare condition Ramsay Hunt syndrome.

He said that it has caused complete paralysis on the right side his face and will force him to postpone his tour dates.

Sky News was told by Professor Derick Wade of Oxford Brookes University who is an expert in neurological rehabilitation. He said that while most people recover completely, BIEBER seems to have a severe case.


He said, “I noticed there wasn’t movement. That is quite severe loss.”

“How will it recover?” “He already knows the answer.”

The three-minute clip featured the Canadian star saying: “It’s pretty serious, it would be nice if this was not the case, but my body is telling me to slow down.

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“We don’t know how long it will take, but we can be sure it’s going to go well.”

Ramsay Hunt syndrome, a complication caused by the shingles virus, can occur in those who have had chicken pox as children.

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Justin Bieber shares paralysis diagnosis

The chances of recovery are better if the antiviral treatment begins within 72 hours. 70% of those who receive it fully recover.

If the patient is not treated quickly, this drop to 50%.

The symptoms include a painful rash, blisters, or itchy skin around the ears, scalp, and hairline.

Patients may also notice a loss in taste and hearing in the affected ear.

What is Ramsay Hunt syndrome and how can it be explained?

According to the NHS, Ramsay Hunt syndrome can be caused by a virus in facial nerves and is more severe than facial paralysis.

You may also experience facial weakness and blisters on the roof or ears.

Treatments for the syndrome include steroids, antiviral medication, and facial rehabilitation. According to the NHS, less than half of patients are able to recover fully.

Bell’s palsy is ‘quite common’, but Ramsey Hunt’s is more rare

Professor Wade said, “Paralysis in the face like that is quite common.”

It’s commonly called Bell’s Palsy, and it is thought to be caused by a virus infection that affects a facial nerve. The nerve travels through a narrow canal in the skull.

“What he had was shingles, the chickenpoxvirus affecting the same nerve as him.

It occurs because the nerve information causes swelling. Since there is no space for swelling, the nerve stops functioning when it becomes swollen or inflamed. ”

When asked about recovery times, he replied that some people recover very quickly in just three weeks while others take many months. It’s unpredictable.

“Some people have it for a long time, and some residual effects.”

Bieber stated that he has been performing facial exercises in an effort to regain his movement.

His fans have been flooding social media with well wishes. Hayley, his wife, also wrote: “I Love You Baby.”


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