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'Guys are dying': Inside a fortified hospital where wounded soldiers fear they are a Russia target

The corridors are darkly lit, and the windows are covered with sandbags. This gives the hospital a feeling of being a military hospital during wartime.

We were allowed to enter a military hospital under the condition that we wouldn’t reveal its location.

They fear it could be hit by Russian air strikes. This is a valid concern. It is fortified.

Russia warns West about ‘Risky’ giving Ukraine weapons – Ukraine’s latest updates


The sight of the walking wounded pacing around the wards in a limping fashion is disturbing.

A strong chlorine odor is emanating from one area and a grunt from the other.

They have made it possible to put beds in hallways because the ICU is so busy. All of these patients have horrific burns from explosions.

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To stop the infected wounds from getting worse, they are covered with yellow antiseptic oil. Most of them lie still and not move. However, heavy sedation is used to reduce the pain.

The beds are filled with soldiers who have been wounded and are happy to share their stories.

It was not fighting, but shelling. “We took a defensive position, and were under shelling, but we were hit,” Oleksandr, a soldier who was hurt a few weeks back in The Donbas.

Image Oleksandr was injured by shelling in Avdiivka (Donetsk region).

“There was an explosion. My arm was hanging from the ceiling when I lifted it. I was hit in the arm by something. I was not sure what had happened. Later, I lifted my arm and it was hanging.

He now shows me his right hand, which is hanging limp from the support metal frame that has been drilled into his bones.

“The men know what they are fighting for. They understand what is at stake. We are fighting for our country and our land so that we can have spirit. It is impossible to break this spirit. The spirit of Ukraine is strong if young men and older men return from abroad to fight for it.

Every day, there are many soldiers who are killed or wounded. It is too much to bear. They treat soldiers around the clock, and many staff members have quit their jobs because they are traumatized by what they saw.

img alt=”Dr Serhiy sliesarenko”, surgeon at a military-hospital in eastern Ukraine. class=”sdc-article-image__item” intrinsicsize=”768×432″ loading=”lazy” sizes=”(min-width: 1024px) 1024px, 100vw” src=”” srcset=”×216/skynews-ukraine-military-hospital_5798774.jpg?20220608171226 380w, 760w, 1024w, 2048w”/>
Image Surgeons work around the clock

A senior surgeon saidNow all the beds are busy. “All beds are on one floor more in normal times than they are now. We have 40 beds in our centre, as we did before war. We have now doubled the number of beds.

It is nearly impossible to determine exact casualty numbers. However, President Zelenskyy revealed recently that 60-100 Ukrainian soldiers are being killed each day and up to 500 are wounded. It is possible that the true number could be even higher.

“Guys are dying.” It’s very uncomfortable,” Bohdan, who was hurt in Luhansk, says. “The injuries are also unpleasant – it’s often due to shrapnel.

Image Bohdan was one of the many injured soldiers at the hospital when he was struck by shrapnel from Luhansk

“Our men will not give up no matter what, because we are here for our home. We fight for our land and our home. We have spirit.

It’s not a normal fight but artillery bombardments that make it so difficult. This is why there are so many shrapnel wounds. Because it is an unjust battle, it can be very distressing to find yourself in this situation. It is hard to endure.”

Yet, every soldier we spoke to said they would return and fight after they are fully recovered. If they are able to recover.

Because fighting for your country and your people is worth the risk.


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