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Rampant depravity and torment over missing loved ones: Inside village ravaged by Russian soldiers

Boghdanivka, a small village of farmers located on the road from Kyiv and Chernihiv just east the Dnipro river is called.

It was occupied for many weeks by Russian troops who tried to advance on Kyiv’s capital, but were defeated.

They left behind many memories of depravity and torture, as well as families desperate to find news about their missing loved ones.

This is Boghdanivka’s story, but it could also be the story of many villages in Ukraine whose lives were changed by war 100 days ago.


“He loaded his machine guns and said, “Now we’re going after you.” ”

Alexsandr is not his real name. He has concealed the clothes he wore the night that the Russians invaded him. He is keeping them safe to prove war crimes.

He shows us his bloody tracksuit bottoms where a nail had been hammered into the knee. The fabric that he used to tie his hands behind the back. The scars left by a cigarette being snuffed out are still visible on his skin.

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“He (a soldier), hit me in my head with the handle a knife. He kicked me in my back. He then put his hands on my back and hit me three times with the machine gun’s butt. Already, the arm was bent. It was clearly a fracture. “You are a Nazi. Where are the Nazis hidden? He shouted at my face.

He kept repeating, “You are an animal” and “I’ll take something from you.” He pulled out a knife and pressed it against my stomach. It was about five other people. They beat me on all sides.

“I was struck so hard that something cracked inside my head, and I fell to floor. His foot slipped on the blood. They told me to get up or we would cut your legs’ tendons.

He kept his foot on mine to break it. I sat down on the chair and got up. I couldn’t comprehend anything. I was confused. I couldn’t speak and had a broken nose. He then asked me if I smoked. He asked me if I smoked.

“And he put the cigarette butt on mine cheek. He said, “Take this animal away. He covered everything with blood.”

Image Aleksandr is covered in scarlet marks from torture he suffered at the hands of Russian soldiers in Boghdanivka.

They took me to the cellar and led me down the steps. They placed me on a chair made of plastic. They told me, “Wait, they’ll come to kill you.”

“Then, he says, “I’m a madman, I’m going and cut you.”

“He went down, and began beating me with his fists. He then took my ear and sliced it a bit. He then loaded his machine gun, and said that he was going to kill me the next morning.

Russian soldiers left their excrement on the walls

You will find the village school just around the corner. It’s all that remains.

The school served as the main base for the Russian troops when they occupied the village. The school is now a scorched shell and has been completely destroyed. There are still mattresses and empty bottles of alcohol on the floors where the Russian soldiers used to sleep.

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The maths classroom has a calendar that marks the date they arrived and the time they left. Next to it is an English message.

They then firebombed the area as they fled, adding their own excrement as a last insult.

The head teacher said that although we knew that they were there, and that they lived here, I did not believe that adults could be able to do so, even if they had children.

We thought they would build a home here and then move on. They did terrible things. It was difficult for me and it was for the children. When they saw the fire in their kindergarten, the children wept.

Russian soldiers moved from house to house, marking front gates for those who lived there.

Image Yulia Vasilino’s husband is missing since he was taken from Boghdanivka, Russia

Yulia Vasylenko, like everyone else, knocked at the door. She is married to Viacheslav, a village policeman.

He was taken from the scene and has not been seen since.

She says, “Five soldiers arrived.”

“Two were in the house, and three waited outside the door. My husband was told to put his hands behind him and they took him. We have not seen him since then and don’t know much about him. We miss him and we hope he is in prison.

She believes he may have been betrayed or lied to.

She says, “He was taken away from me and beat for certain.”

“He was betrayed. 100% given over by someone. They knew who he was and where he lived.”

These are just a few stories from one village in Ukraine.

Children, men, and women whose lives have been forever altered or damaged.


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