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Champions League final: What actually happened at the Stade de France?

What actually took place at the Stade de France Saturday night, amid claims and counter-claims?

UEFA and French authorities seemed to blame Liverpool supporters, for the Champions League final being delayed.

Sky News geolocated videos from social media to try and understand what went down. These videos showed fans being funnelled, climbing fences, and being pepper sprayed.

On Sunday, Rob Draper, the Mail’s chief football writer, tweeted footage of Parisian fans near an underpass. He called it the “pressure point” that caused most of the problems and the “crucial piece of evidence.”


The video shows a police car parked under the underpass. This is apparently to block access to most of the area.

Image Bypass

Draper explained that 3/4 of the vans were parked by police on the paths. This made a wide walkway suddenly narrow and created a bottleneck. After waiting for about 10 minutes, I was able to capture this shot at 7.22pm.

Kaveh Solhekol (chief reporter at Sky Sports News) filmed the report from the opposite side of the underpass to add context.

He explained that it was “where all of the problems this evening began”.

He pointed to a gap that is probably only a few yards wide beside one of the police vehicles and said: “That gap was where 20,000 Liverpool fans were funnelled through. That was their first security check to get to the Stade de France.

“There was a huge bottleneck at the stadium – there were 20,000 Liverpool fans waiting there for over two, three, and four hours.

“They were being led into one by one – the police checking their tickets and checking their phones for accreditation.

Solhekol instructed Liverpool fans to use turnstyles Z and Y once they were on the concourse outside of the stadium. They stayed there for two to three more hours.

Solhekol stated that some young Frenchmen, not necessarily football fans, “surged in” and tried to get in the ground.

He added that French riot police began firing tear gas in an area with 20,000 Liverpool supporters.

The video below shows fans climbing a barrier near the stadium. However, they don’t actually breach the ground.

Image: Pepper spray

According to Sky Sports News’ Kaveh Solhekol, pepper spray was used by police.

This video shows Liverpool fans reacting to the news. Sky News removed the audio due to swearing.

Use Chrome browser to access a better video player

Pepper spray was used in Paris against Liverpool fans.

Fans desperate to reach the railings tried desperately.

Liverpool fans can be heard singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” and those outside shout for someone who will “open the gates”.

Use Chrome browser to access a better video player

Loyal Supporters beg for guards to open the ‘gates’
Image HTML2_ HTML3_

Some fans were agile enough to scale the barriers near the stadium and run towards the steps leading to the stands. Security followed them. Spanish voices are speaking, but the stadium is in a different area.

Image People leapt fences at an entry in another section of the stadium

Another fan makes it through the security barrier and weaves his way through security to reach the stadium.

Image Some users of social media claimed that some scaling fences weren’t English

After the match ends, fans are treated with tear gas in a French fan park.

The gas seems to swirl in the air.

Use Chrome browser to access a better video player

Tear gas was thrown in the face of Liverpool fans at a Paris fan park after the team’s Champions League loss.
Image Liverpool supporters were tear-gassed at another location in the city

Sky News’ Sol Simpson recorded the footage and said that the fan zone looked “practically like an enclosed cage” with fans trapped inside. This is why they were able to shoot tear gas from the sides.

He said, “There was such an overwhelming force of riot officers van vehicles around fan zone – also buses and 70+ motor bikes with police officers doubled up on them.

“I lost all my friends at this moment, as everyone ran in fear in every direction.

“We just lost the Champions League final, then seconds later we are victims of tear gas abuse.”


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