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Last Ukrainian troops in Mariupol told to stop defence of city

The defense of Mariupol has been stopped by the Ukrainian troops, believed to be the last fighting Russian forces in Mariupol.

The Azov regiment was ordered to “save the lives of soldiers” at the port, which is a key military objective by Vladimir Putin. It has been under bombardment since weeks.

According to Denys Prokopenko (commander of the regiment), civilians and soldiers with serious injuries have been evacuated from Mariupol’s Azovstal plant. Those who died there are being removed.

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He said, “We have always stressed the three most important conditions to us: civilians and wounded”

“The civilians were evacuated. The severely wounded were given the assistance they needed and were evacuated. They were later exchanged for help and transported to territory under control of Ukraine .

He said that he hoped his relatives could “bury their soldiers with honor” in the future.

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According to Russian officials, more than 1,700 city defenders surrendered to the steel plant since Monday.

Since the beginning of the war, Mariupol was a target of Putin. The city was decimated by a barrage.

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Injured Ukrainian soldiers leave Azovstal

It was believed that thousands of people were sheltering underneath the plant at one time, with hundreds of civilians. There have been numerous evacuations in recent weeks.

Mariupol was home to a population of approximately 400,000 before the war. However, this number has dropped dramatically to less than 25%. Those who remain face daily struggles with food and clean water shortages, as well as electricity cuts.

The city is still without aid and it has been difficult to evacuate the civilians.

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After Russia opened humanitarian corridors, hundreds were evacuated

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Taking the strategically-important port city would give Russia its first major success in a war that has seen its military fail to gain the upper hand against ferocious Ukrainian defence.

According to British military intelligence, Russia will likely continue its operations in Donbas after it has secured the port city of southern Russia.


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