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Russia moving the 'Terminator' around Ukrainian city ahead of expected assault, says military expert

A Russian military expert told Sky News that Russia has begun moving an armoured fighting vehicle called the “Terminator” in the vicinity of a Ukrainian city. This shows their “determination to capture the area.”

Justin Crump, a former British army tank commander, stated that Russia is “quite proud of the vehicle” which is used to support other tanks as well as “suppress” enemy firing when attacking urban areas.

Russia is said to be “bringing them around Severodonetsk in Ukraine” – a sign of its “determined to attack that city”.

Russian machine company Uralvagonzavod developed the BMPT-72 and it was based on the T-72 battle tanks.


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It can be used to carry heavy forces during an assault and increase the chances of a tank operation succeeding.

The unmanned turret is equipped with four launchers, and can engage other tanks and artillery including low-flying helicopters.

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An automatic smoke grenade gun can be mounted on the vehicle to provide protection and camouflage from infrared weaponry.

It is equipped with two 30mm cannons that can fire high-explosive ammunition.

2013 saw the debut of a second model, Terminator 2, which was upgraded but retained many similarities to its predecessor.

It can be used for the destruction of tanks as well as to suppress enemy fire by its anti-tank and launchers.

Russia was proud to have the Terminator 2 model and aimed it at export markets.

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Justin Crump is a former British Army tank commander and discusses the “interesting compromise” on the evacuation from Mariupol

Sky News’ Mr Crump said that this is a Russian signature piece of equipment. There are only nine of these.

It’s also known as the Terminator, a tank-support vehicle. It is designed to support tanks with infantry. It is a tank equipped with a turret that suppresses enemy infantry.

“They have not yet committed them to the fight. This is one of Russia’s proudest achievements – they have been trying to export it.

“They are now bringing the them in around Severodonetsk. This is a sign of Russia’s determination and will to attack that city sooner than expected.

“By capturing the area around Severodonetsk that they can declare a success in liberating Luhansk,”


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