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Ex-British spy and Russia expert backs claims Putin is ill and has invaded Ukraine for his 'legacy'

Former British spy, who created a dossier about Donald Trump and alleged Russian interference during the 2016 US elections campaign, says that sources told him Vladimir Putin is seriously ill.

Christopher Steele, who was the Russia Desk at MI6 in London from 2006 to 2009, and who worked there in the 1990s said Putin’s illness is “an element” in what is going on in Ukraine.

Sky News was informed by him: “Certainly, according to what we hear from sources in Russia, and elsewhere, Putin is, in truth, quite seriously ill.

It’s unclear what exactly this illness is, whether it’s incurable, terminal or some other type. It’s certainly part of the equation, however.


His comments follow those of Ukrainian Major General Kyrylo Budarnov, who in an exclusive interview for Sky News also stated that the Russian leader is gravely ill with cancer, and that a coup is underway in Russia.

The speculation surrounding Vladimir Putin‘s health has been going on for many years but has intensified since his order to invade Ukraine.

New Lines magazine reported that it had obtained an audio recording from an oligarch close the Kremlin, in which the Russian president describes himself as “very sick with blood cancer”, though the type was not disclosed.

According to the memo, a top-secret memo was sent by Russia’s headquarters to all regional directors, instructing them not to believe rumours about President Putin’s death.

Steele said, “When you see it happening, you believe it to be true.” This and his legacy may have a part of his illness, so I believe there is.

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Christopher Steele, a former British spy, says Russia’s leaders think they are at war with the UK

Rumours grew when Vladimir Putin’s speech during Russia’s Victory Day celebrations was closely watched. Observers also examined his movements and physical appearance.

Experts in body language pointed out that the President’s face was “puffy”, and his walking style “unsteady”. This could be a sign of a form of medication to treat an illness.

“Very few are prepared to stand up against Putin’

However, Steele stated that even if Mr Putin was not ill, it might still be difficult for others to influence Mr Putin’s approach. He also agreed with the type of sanctions being used, such as on his ex-wife, and on his cousins .

According to the British government, its recent asset freezes and travel bans were directed at the “shady network of friends and allies” who “owe Putin wealth and power and support Putin’s war machine.”

The sanctions include Mr Putin’s exwife Lyudmila Okcheretnaya, former Olympic gymnast Alina Kavaeva, and several businessmen who are close relatives to Putin.

Steele said that there are few people willing to speak out against President Putin. Although I believe there are dissident voices and discordant voices telling Putin that this is a terrible war, it will not work out for Russia. We can only hope that this will lead to some sort of change in policy or change in the regime, but that’s not a guarantee.

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Deborah Haynes, Sky’s defense and security editor, believes that Ukraine is more interested in what Putin did than what he didn’t.

Russia is under further pressure

German Chancellor Olaf Schholz spoke with Putin on Friday and said that he hadn’t noticed any changes in his stance in recent weeks.

According to Western military analysts, Putin and his generals did not anticipate the fierce resistance from Ukraine when they launched the invasion in Feb.

Russia is also losing significant amounts of personnel, military equipment, and has to deal with severe economic sanctions.

On Saturday, the G7 stated that it would “further intensify economic and political pressure upon Russia” and supply more weapons to Ukraine.


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