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Baby's clothes left strewn across road after fleeing family caught up in Russian fire

The front lines are moving back and forth in an artillery war that is slow and grinding. However, on the outskirts Kharkiv, the Russians are retreating.

These villages were battered, as was the Kremlin’s army. There are remnants of armoured cars that have been burned to the side of the road.

Lieutenant Vladyslav Mochanskyy, the soldier with whom we are standing, proudly explains that it is one Russia ‘s most advanced weapons. He points at the tank’s charred chassis.

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Image Residents flee fighting

He says, “You can see Tank T90 AM. This is the most modern tank in the Russian Federation.”

“Our fighters, territorial defense of Kharkiv were divided into groups, and destroyed the tank with a grenade rocketer. This is the final result of the grenade launcher. This tank was destroyed.

They also destroyed the bunkers of Russians where they tried to hold positions. The vehicles they used were also damaged. After a long fight, the occupiers left in a hurry.

Residents are still trying desperately to escape to safety, and an elderly bus transporting them towards safety is spotted.

Image These cars were destroyed by Russian shells

Irina Lysenko, a woman who lives inside, is crying uncontrollably. These are the uncontrollable tears of the recently grieving.

She explains to her husband, in between sobs.

“The shell hit the house of the neighbor. The blast wave hit him and the next day, his heart stopped and he was dead. We were forced to bury him because of his shock. She said that they were still living in their holiday home.

The people in the bus had lived for months under Russian occupation.

“The bullets were flying above our heads”

Image An armoured vehicle can be seen along the side of a road

Oleksander Harpus said that despite the danger, he was reluctant leave.

“The bullets were whizzing over our heads. The explosions followed by the first shots. He says that everything was going above our heads. “So we gave up everything. Although we couldn’t decide to leave, the volunteers persuaded us that our lives were most important.

However, even though Russia’s occupation has been ended here, it is still far from safe.

As we move towards the new frontlines, the military guide that we follow warns us that the hill road over the river is still open to enemy tank fire.

To reach the newly liberated village Staryi Saltiv, you must drive at breakneck speed on frighteningly wide roads.

“The car was destroyed… everybody died”

Image Soldier says that a convoy with civilian cars was struck by tank fire

The world we see upon our arrival is another one. As they rise apocalyptically in the sky, spindles of smoke plume appear. It’s a terrible scene.

You can see the twisted carriages of once-cars along the roads. It is shocking to see what happened to civilians.

Image A variety of toys and baby clothes were left on the roads

One vehicle was filled with toys and baby clothing.

They are scattered all over the road.

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Sergeant Igor Reznikov claims that the family tried to flee with the rest.

He explains that this is a direct hit from the tank, which is standing at the top of the hill we were on.

“The car convoy was moving and was hit. This is where the shell hit and destroyed the car. Everyone died.”

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There is a constant boom of rockets above.

These are signs of success for the Ukrainian forces.

Russia is gaining ground elsewhere, as both sides trade blows and more heavy weapons are moved forward, in a conflict that is getting worse every day.

Reporting from Neville Lazarus, Kharkiv


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