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Biden fears Putin has no exit strategy from Ukraine – as Macron warns Kyiv over EU membership bid

US President Joe Biden said that he is concerned Vladimir Putin will not find a way to end the Ukraine war.

Biden spoke in Washington DC Monday and described Russian President Vladimir Putin as “a very calculated man”, but without an exit strategy. He also admitted that he was trying to figure out how to deal with it.

He claimed that Mr Putin had mistakenly believed that the invasion of Ukraine would cause NATO and the European Union to be broken up.

He said instead that the United States and European countries had actually rallied behind Ukraine and became more united.


Putin has been a vocal critic of NATO’s expansion eastward into ex-Soviet republics. Ukraine and its Western allies insistently denied that the country was a threat.

Despite President Biden’s positive comments about European unity, French leader Emmanuel Macron issued a harsh warning to Ukraine regarding its hopes of joining the EU.

President Macron spoke at a Strasbourg celebration of Europe Day. He said that he was afraid the process will take “decades”.

He stated that allowing Ukraine to join the EU would require a lot of time and effort.

Key developments:

* Russia’s Victory Day was marked by President Vladimir Putin insisting that sending Russian troops into Ukraine was an action to ward off aggression* Protesters have been detained in Russia.

* The north-eastern Kharkiv area was attacked again

* The organisers of the Pulitzer Prize praised Ukrainian journalists for their “courage” and “endurance”.

In photos: Putin shows Russia’s military might

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Some were surprised by Vladimir Putin’s Victory Day speech to his country.

When is Ukraine expected to join the EU?

European Commission, the executive arm of the European Union, stated that it will issue a first opinion on June 1st regarding Ukraine’s request for membership.

Once a candidate status has been granted, however, the process to EU membership can take years. Any member-state can veto any final accession agreement, as well as the opening or closing of individual negotiation chapters.

What’s going on in the field?

While the Ukrainian vital Black Sea port, Odesa, was being attacked by Russian forces, the Russians attempted to end the last stand of the Ukrainian defenders at the Mariupol steel plant.

According to the Ukrainian military, Russian forces launched seven missiles from the sky at Odesa Monday night. They also hit a shopping centre as well as a warehouse.

They claimed that one person was killed and five others were injured.

Natalya Gumenyuk is a military spokesperson who stated on Facebook that obsolete missiles had hit a shopping center and warehouse for consumer goods while they were searching for strategic targets.

The warehouse was seen in flames on photos posted to the blog.

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Ukrainian President Volodmyr Zilenskyy stated that the Odesa strikes had a secondary impact on food supplies.

He stated that there had been no regular movement of the merchant navy since the Second World War and there was no routine port work.

This is not just a blow to Ukraine. Many countries around the globe are already facing food shortages if they don’t have access to their agricultural exports.

“And the situation can become, frankly speaking, terrifying over time.”

Eyewitness An aid team that will not stop delivering supplies close to the frontline, even as Putin’s bombs rain

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Putin’s reasons to war are ‘absurd

Anti-war protests

Nigel Gould Davies (ex-ambassador of the United Kingdom to Belarus) stated that he believes Russia’s momentum is waning.

“Russia has not won the war. It is losing it.”

He stated that, unless Russiahas an important breakthrough, “the balance will shift steadily to Ukraine”, especially as Ukraine gains access to increasing volumes of Western military equipment.

Despite Russia’s crackdown against dissent at home, antiwar sentiment seeped through Monday. Hundreds of protesters were held across the country on Victory Day. Editors at a proKremlin media outlet rebelled by publishing just a few stories critical of Putin and the invasion.


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