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Madeleine McCann suspect claims he has an alibi that can be backed up

Madeleine McCann’s abductor is believed to be a man who was miles away from the scene and had sex in a camper van with a young girl who will support his alibi.

Christian B claims that he drove the woman to Faro, Portugal for a return flight the next day. They were stopped at a roadblock and photographed by police.

The suspect, a German-dweller, claimed she was stopped at the airport for illegal pepper spray. She later appeared in court.

Christian B, as he’s known in Germany privacy laws, believes that Portuguese police must keep a record of the events that led to him being with the young German woman on holiday with her parents.


German police reportedly found a photo of the woman in Christian B’s camper van, apparently during an investigation into a rape. Christian B, 44 is currently in a seven year sentence in Germany.

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Officials in Portugal named Christian B, a German Drifter, as a suspect suspect last month.

He couldn’t remember the full name of the woman when he first mentioned his alibi. But he’s now able to identify her.

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If true, it would be contrary to vital but circumstantial evidence from mobile data masts, which police claim puts him near the apartment where Madeleine disappeared from her bed 15 year ago in Praia da Luz, May 3, 2007.

Police say that the suspect’s phone was at the village when it received the call between 7.32pm and 8.02pm.

Madeleine’s parents claimed that Madeleine disappeared between 9-10pm. Christian B claims that he drove miles east along the coast towards Faro by 10 p.m.

Hans Christian Wolters (German prosecutor) is leading the Madeleine probe with British and Portuguese detectives. He said to Sky News that he assumes that if he has any evidence that exonerates his client, he will tell us. We would then verify it. Let’s wait and see what happens.

“So far, he has not told us anything and he has given us no alibi. We can only rely on what evidence we have so far found in our investigation. There was no evidence to exonerate him.”

Image Madeleine McCann disappeared in 2007

German prosecutors never interviewed Christian B, a convicted sexual offender, until just two weeks ago. This despite him being their main suspect for over four years.

They interrogated him 21 April for the Portuguese authorities, who had just made him an Arguido (formal suspect) to prevent a statute of limitations on serious offenses under Portuguese law.

Christian B, as an arguido, had the right of silence and refused questions about whereabouts the night Madeleine disappeared.

Serafim Vieira, his former lawyer, said that the suspect’s alibi should not simply be dismissed.

He stated that if he truly does have an alibi, he should pursue it. He was straight, so it is possible that he claims he has an alibi.

Madeleine was just four years old when she vanished from her family’s holiday rental apartment in Praia da Luz, Algarve.

Kate and Gerry McCann, her parents, were eating with their friends on the holiday compound and left her to sleep with her younger siblings. They were checking on their sleeping children each half an hour with their friends.

Although initially suspected in the disappearance of their daughter, the McCanns were later cleared. They hope that their daughter will be found alive .

It will be exactly 15 year since her disappearance on May 3, and her parents have released a new statement.

They talk about their quest for truth in it, saying that uncertainty creates weakness, knowledge and certainty give strength. This is why our search for truth, answers, is so important.

They thanked investigators and added: “Many people speak about the need to ‘closure. It’s always felt a strange term. No matter what happens, Madeleine will always remain our daughter.

Image Madeleine’s parents hold on to their hope that she will be found alive

Although the investigation was initiated by the UK and Portuguese police, the German authorities were able to take the lead when a friend of one of the suspects told them that Christian B claimed to have information about Madeleine’s disappearance.

Mr Wolters stated that “we haven’t actually found one piece of the puzzle over the past two years that would have somehow contributed to exonerate Christian B. It’s not possible to find an alibi or some other explanation for this. None of this has been revealed.

“What we discovered was that it all went in the opposite direction. It was quite incriminating. I’m not able to go into detail now.

He said, “But, it’s not clear when we will end.” Therefore, I cannot guarantee that the investigations will be completed this year. It all depends on how the investigation develops.

Although Mr Wolters stated in the past that he believed Madeleine was deceased, he would not disclose what evidence he had.

He is also investigating Christian B for three other sex abuse allegations, including the rape and beating of Hazel Behan, a young Irish woman who was employed as a holiday rep in the Algarve in 2004.

She spoke out publicly about her rape in Praia da Rocha’s apartment and gave up her anonymity.


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