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About 100 escape Mariupol steelworks and heading to 'controlled area', says Zelenskyy

The president of Ukraine has announced that a group of “about 100” civilians has been evacuated from the Mariupol steelworks. Thousands have been trapped below ground in terrible conditions.

President Zelenskyy Tweet that they were heading to a “controlled zone” and would arrive in Zaporizhzhia Monday.

UN spokesperson stated that the “safe passage operation”, which began on 29 April, was being coordinated by Red Cross, Russia, and Ukraine.

The Russian rouble is used to occupy a city – Ukraine live updates


Mr Zelenskyy tweeted “Grateful for our team!” They are now working with #UN to evacuate other civilians from this plant.

The Azovstal steelworks, the last defense stronghold in the south city, is being defended by Ukrainian forces. It has a network tunnels and bunkers.

Russia estimates that there are approximately 2,000 soldiers stationed in Ukraine. However, Ukraine has not yet provided details. They are currently sheltering with around 1,000 civilians.

According to Russian news agencies, 46 people were split into two groups and left the area surrounding the plant on Saturday. They were provided with food and shelter.

The number was 20 by the Ukrainian deputy commander at the Steelworks.

According to Reuters, a convoy comprising Russian and UN military vehicles transported more than 50 people to tented accommodation at Bezimenne. It is located 18 miles (30 km) east of Mariupol.

Around 100,000 civilians remain in Mariupol’s larger city. Thousands of Ukrainians have been murdered in unabated attacks on residential areas.

Image Situation on 1 May

Key developments:

* Nancy Pelosi (speaker of the US House of Representatives) meets President Zelenskyy at Kyiv

* The UK Ambassador feels “comfortable” upon returning to the capital, despite Russian threats

* Russia claims that Ukrainian shelling has caused civilian deaths and injuries in the Kherson region under occupation

* Putin was forced to combine and redeploy the depleted units of Ukraine’s military, UK defense chiefs claim

* A family member of a former US Marine says he died in Ukraine. This would mark the first American death in wartime.

* Angelina Jolie , Hollywood star, visits refugees in Lviv

Two Ukrainian women shared video and images taken inside Mariupol’s steelworks. They claimed that their husbands were among the Azov regiment fighters refusing surrender and they had been there with them.

Image Civilians evacuated in Azovstal, pictured with proRussian troops at Bezimenne (about 18 miles east Mariupol).
Image Two women display photos of their husbands, who they claim are fighting in the steelworks

Some men were seen with stained bandages while others had open wounds and amputated limbs.

According to the women, some of the wounds were rotting from gangrene. There were also very few medical personnel available to treat at least 600 patients.

The men in the video said they only ate once a day and shared 1.5 litres of water between four people.

Image An estimated 1,000 civilians as well as 2,000 fighters will be present at the steelworks

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Mariupol field Hospital reportedly hit

According to the women, the video was shot in the warren-like passageways beneath the plant.

A shirtless man seemed to be in pain. He described two broken ribs and a punctured lung, as well as having a dislocated arm “hanging on the flesh”.

He stated: “I want everyone to see this: If this is not stopped here in Ukraine, it will continue to Europe.”

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On Saturday, Ukrainian forces fought village to village in an effort to stop a Russian advance towards the country’s eastern side.

After failing to capture Kyiv, Moscow turned its attention towards the Donbas.

Oleh Synehubov, Kharkiv governor, stated that heavy shelling was taking place in the northeastern part of Kharkiv and asked people to stay in their shelters.

Serhiy Gaidai, the governor of Luhansk, also advised people to flee as soon as possible amid concerns that Russia might intensify its eastward push.

Russian soldiers will be murdered

In his Saturday nightly address, President Zelenskyy stated that Russia was “gathering more forces” to launch additional attacks.

He claimed that Mr Putin had lost more than 23,000 soldiers so far, and that thousands more would be killed or wounded in the weeks ahead.

He stated that “our defenders have already defeated more than 1,000 Russian tanks and almost 200 Russian aircrafts,”

Image US Speaker Nancy Pelosi met President Zelenskyy at the capital Kyiv

“Of course, they still have equipment in stock. Yes, they still possess missiles that can strike our territory.

“But Russia has been so weakened by this war that they need to plan for even less (pieces) of military equipment to participate in a Moscow parade.”

Zelenskyy also mentioned missile strikes in Odesa and the Dnipropetrovsk area, as well as a rocket attack that he claimed destroyed a runway at Odesa’s main city airport.

Kyiv is ‘the right spot to be’ – UK ambassador

After speaking with Mr Zelenskyy over the telephone, Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister, has pledged to provide additional military assistance.

They discussed the UK’s support for Ukraine, and Johnson stated that he is “more determined than ever” to strengthen Ukraine and ensure Putin fails.

A spokesperson for Downing Street said that they discussed Mariupol as well as the UN-led effort of civilians to be evacuated.

The UK is the biggest supplier of arms to Ukraine.

According to the Ministry of Defence, it has sent over 5,000 anti-tank missiles and 1,360 anti-structure munitions. Five air defense systems have more than 100 missiles. It also has 4.5 tonnes of explosives.

Meanwhile, Melinda Simmons, the UK ambassador to Kyiv, has stated that she is “comfortable” having returned to Kyiv despite Russian threats.

After Britain had announced that it would reopen its Embassy in support of Ms Simmons, Ms Simmons arrived late Friday.

According to her, it was “absolutely the right place” despite the risk – and there were 27 ambassadors so far.

Ambassador: “I am here with an increased level of security protection and bearing that potential risk in mind, but for the moment I feel comfortable working under these circumstances,” he said.


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