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Emmanuel Macron's vision will shape the future of France and Europe

Emmanuel Macron may not have been victorious over Le Pen but many of his issues during the campaign could force him to concentrate more on domestic issues.

We take a look at Mr Macron’s vision and share some of its elements:

Since 2017, Macron has been viewed as an outsider. He swept to power in a radical restructuring of French politics. As Macron has established himself, the enthusiasm for a new type of politics has diminished.

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It was replaced by widespread protests over the past five years, led largely by people who felt he had not represented their interests, particularly in his drive for simplified employment laws. This could be considered a mainstay of French identity.

Some have interpreted Mr Macron’s domineering, dynamic style as arrogant. This further aggravated those who opposed him, such as the sometimes riotous Gillet Jaunes (yellow vests). Macron pledged to continue liberalizing reforms and raise the pension age from 65 to 62 if he wins. Analysts expect that there will be more demonstrations.

Macron is a Euro enthusiast and has repeatedly made clear his ambitions for the bloc over the past five years. He was also a sign-up Euro enthusiast, despite the fact that he was weakened by the Brexit process. He is currently the President of the Council of Europe. He has made use of this opportunity to promote solidarity and democracy, which are also the cornerstones of French identity.

More about Emmanuel Macron

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He has five year plans to increase the rights of Europeans and reduce European dependence on import coal, gas, and oil. The bloc will also rely more heavily on its own infrastructure and technology. He has repeatedly referred to the need for a common approach to the use of European armies with the goal of making Europe a militarist.

It looked for a while like Mr Macron was the West’s only hope to avert a war in Ukraine. The French president was regularly having conversations with Vladimir Putin and visiting him occasionally. However, the Russian leader’s invasion of Ukraine made him appear even more foolish than he wanted.

Despite Putin’s declaration of war, Macron tried to continue to talk until Russia’s sheer brutality and scale became too overwhelming. He has since declared that he is ending his dialogue and is now supporting Ukraine.

He has not agreed with Western leaders that Russia’s actions constitute genocide. This may be to keep the door open for the Kremlin to future negotiations. He has supported sending arms to Ukrainian troops and increasing sanctions against Russia.

Macron is a strong pro-European and supports the existing framework of collective Western defense which relies on NATO. France was one the founding members. It was removed from the command structure that allows the group collective action using combined forces from 1966 to 2009. However, it participated in numerous NATO missions over the years.

France has made significant contributions to NATO efforts since Mr Macron was elected, even though it also participated in non-NATO operations such as the intervention in the Sahel. It has since pulled out of.

Macron has demonstrated his support for NATO by raising France’s defense spending to 2% of its GDP. He has promised to keep that level and has plans to tie up with other EU countries.

Many commentators believe that Macron’s centrist position has been displaced by the rising support of the far right. This has led to him shifting his stances to the right and making promises about immigration.

He stated that he would like to reform Schengen in order to strengthen European borders and create a national “border force” to help shore up national borders. To overhaul asylum procedures, speed up decisions, and expel foreigners who violate the law, he also said that he wanted to reform Schengen.

France is being scrutinized for its commitment to the Paris climate accord goals. Extinction Rebellion protests were seen in Paris in the last week. This has led to Mr Macron expressing his enthusiasm for France’s 2050 net zero target and supporting plans that he claimed will allow them to reach it.

He mentioned plans to boost solar, offshore wind, and nuclear. Furthermore, Europe should impose a carbon tax on all those living within its borders.

To get people off their cars, he also promised to increase public transportation in the country.


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