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Destruction in Borodyanka 'significantly more dreadful' than war-torn Bucha

According to Ukraine’s president, the situation in Borodyanka in Ukraine is “significantly worse” than Bucha where Russian forces are suspected of killing civilians.

Over 300 people were killed in Bucha by the Russian forces. 50 of them were executed.

Moscow denied that it targeted civilians, and claimed verified photos of bodies in the town were created by the Ukrainian government to impede peace negotiations.

According to Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the president of Ukraine, Borodyanka is just 15 miles away (25km) from Borodyanka.


Ukraine news: Putin’s admission causes shock

Key developments:

* Australia sends armoured vehicles into Ukraine

* Ukraine requests NATO leaders to provide ‘weapons and weapons for Ukraine’

* Putin’s spokesperson Dmitry Peskov denied war crimes

* US sanctions Russian diamond mining and military shipbuilding companies

Russia is guilty of ‘heinous crime’, claims Ukraine’s president

In his nightly presidential address Mr Zelenskyy stated that the extent of damage and deaths in Borodyanka was becoming more apparent.

“The work began on the demolition of the debris in Borodyanka. He said that it was much worse.

“Even more victims of Russian occupiers.

What will happen when the entire truth is revealed about the Russian military’s actions in Mariupol?” It is evident on nearly every street that the world saw what happened in Bucha and other Kyiv regions after the Russian troops were evacuated.

“The same cruelty. “The same horrible crimes.”

He didn’t provide any additional evidence or details about Russian murders in the area.

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Sky News is back in Bucha

Under pressure from Ukrainian forces last week, Russian forces fled Bucha. But, relief soon became bittersweet as the extent of the killings in Bucha was apparent.

These crimes have been widely condemned in the West, resulting in increased pressure to impose tougher sanctions on Russia.

Satellite imagery shows bodies found in the street for several weeks. Many have their hands tied behind their backs which suggests they were executed.

Ukraine stated that it was aiming to create ten humanitarian corridors in order to evacuate civilians trapped on its territory.

Friday will be a day when civilians fleeing Mariupol will need to use private vehicles.

According to British military intelligence, it comes as Russian forces in northern Russia have now completely withdrawn from Ukraine to Belarus or Russia.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD), Friday’s announcement, stated that many of these forces will need “significant replenishment” before they can be deployed further east. Any mass redeployment from north will likely take at most a week.

Image: The president of Ukraine did not give any additional evidence or details about Russian murders in Borodyanka. Pic: AP

Russia‘staged’ images from Bucha

Now in its seventh week, millions fled Ukraine after the war. Thousands were killed and thousands were injured, and once-thriving cities were reduced to rubble.

Moscow claims that one of the goals of its military campaign “liberates” Russian-speaking areas such as Mariupol’s southern port from threats of genocide by Ukrainian nationalists. It says they have used civilians to shield themselves.

These claims were widely dismissed as an inexcusable pretext for Russia’s invasion.

In his first interview with British media , Vladimir Putin’s spokesperson, stated that the images from Bucha were “well-staged insinuations, nothing else”.

Sky’s Mark Austin was told by Dmitry Peskov that “we live in days of lies and fakes” and that the verified photos and satellite imagery of dead civilians on the streets of cities in Ukraine were “bold fakes”.

Sky News: He said that he denied the Russian military could have anything in common with the atrocities, and that dead bodies were displayed on the streets of Bucha.

Analy: The Kremlin acknowledges the cost of war, but will not face war crimes

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Putin’s spokesman claims are dismissed

“A catalog of Russian lies”

Critics charged Mr. Peskov with “inhabiting another universe” and selling a “catalogue full of lies”.

Tom Tugendhat MP was chairman of the Foreign Affair Committee. He called the interview “a catalogue of lies” from an “extraordinary government” well-known for its “deceptions and fraud.”

Christopher Steele, the former head at MI6’s Russia desk, accused Russian leaders “living in an Alice in Wonderland universe”.

He stated that the question is whether Mr. Peskov and his coworkers “actually believe what it’s saying, or if not and they’re being cynical.”

“Because they believe it, I think there’s a problem moving forward with any negotiations.”

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Russians bombard village

Russia was suspended by the Human Rights Council

The symbolic action of the United Nations General Assembly was to suspend Russia from the UN Human Rights Council. It expressed “grave concern” at Russia’s ongoing human rights violations and humanitarian crisis.

This was a “important step”, Mr Zelenskyy said, urging the West to keep its “coordinated pressure on the Kremlin”.

He stated that the Russian state and military were the greatest threats to freedom, human security, and the notion of human rights. This is evident already after Bucha.

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Russia is the second country to lose its rights as a member of the rights council.

One, Libya, was rescinded by the assembly in 2011, after upheavals in Libya brought down Muammar Gaddafi.


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