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Russian landing ship destroyed, Ukrainian navy claims as war enters second month

As Ukraine marks one month since the invasion, the navy of Ukraine claims that it has destroyed a Russian landing vessel near Berdyansk.

Pictures show huge plumes of smoke rising from the sea near the Sea of Azov port. This area has been under Russian control ever since 27 February.

The Ukrainian navy released a Facebook statement claiming that it had destroyed the Orsk landing vessel, an assertion not confirmed by Russian authorities.

Ukraine war – World leaders arrive at key summits after Kyiv declares that a Russian ship was destroyed in the Black Sea

Image Sky News located and verified video footage of the incident in the port city Berdyansk

NATO estimates that between 7 000 and 15 000 Russian soldiers were killed in the month following the invasion of Ukraine. Moscow was denied any chance of a quick victory by its defenders.

Key developments:

“Very complex frontline” in Ukraine, with people trapped

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This comes as the International Red Cross chief warns aid workers that they face a “very complicated frontline” in Ukraine, with many people trapped or caught between frontlines.

Peter Maurer was visiting Moscow to meet with the Russian Defence Ministry. He stated that it was impossible to consider access or evacuation in Mariupol without having made solid agreements with the military forces on the ground.

During a press conference held with Sergei Lavrov (Russian Foreign Minister), Mr. Maurer stated that he would raise the issue about prisoners of war as well as the Geneva Conventions.

Image A Russian soldier stands beside local residents who are waiting in line for humanitarian assistance in Mariupol

Mariupol residents being “forcibly” taken to Russia. Mariupol mayor claims

The council of Mariupol, the city under siege, claims that approximately 15,000 people have been expelled and taken to Russia.

They are being held in camps until being distributed to remote Russian cities.

Vadim Boychenko, Mayor of Mariupol, stated that “What the Russian occupiers do defies explanation.”

“They blockade a peaceful city and then start to kill people. Then they forcibly take them into their territory.

Russian forces have wreaked havoc in Mariupol, south east Ukraine. Residents are now struggling to get power, water, and food every day.

Moscow could take the port city and create a land corridor linking the eastern regions of Donetsk, Luhansk, and Crimea. These areas are already under Russian control.

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“Say that Ukraine Matters”

Russian forces seize control of Izyum; defense ministry declares

According to a spokesperson for the Russian defense ministry, Kremlin forces have taken control of Izyum, an eastern Ukrainian city, in order to exert their influence elsewhere in Ukraine.

Major General Igor Konashenkov stated that units of the Russian Army took complete control of Izyum, Kharkiv Region, by the morning of March 24, 2003.

Sky News was unable to independently verify these claims.

Image: Ukrainian soldiers stand at Kyiv’s checkpoint, Ukraine. Pic by AP

Johnson targets Wagner Group, while Zelenskyy asks for tanks and planes.

Boris Johnson, meanwhile, has criticized the Wagner Group paramilitary paramilitary – which is seen as Vladimir Putin’s private army – in a series of new sanctions. He urged his allies to “step-up” support for the Kremlin’s invasion Ukraine.

The Prime Minister will use a NATO emergency summit to agree to a new package. This includes 6,000 additional missiles for Ukraine. He also wants to stop the Russian president from using his gold reserves.

After landing in Belgium, Johnson stated that allies must “tighten economic vice” around Putin and called the Russian leader’s treatment for Ukrainians “absolutely brutish”.

He also praised President Volodymyr Zeleskyy for being “one of most extraordinary war leaders in recent times”.

The Ukrainian leader demanded that NATO provide Ukraine with 1% of all its planes and 1% of your tanks in a video address to summit.

“We can’t buy these,” said Mr Zelensky. “When we have all of this, it will give me, just like you 100% security.”


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