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Ukrainian forces bunker down in Kharkiv as the deep-sounding boom of tank and artillery fire rings out

Ask any Kharkiv resident and you will be told that the most desirable properties are found in its northern suburbs.

Caution: Some readers may find this article distressing

You must be able to operate a T72 tank or man a checkpoint.

We watched as the Ukrainians, and the Russians made shots in the woods from the outskirts the country’s second largest city.

Image The ground is littered with holes left by the missiles

The deep-sounding booms of artillery and tank fire filled the air.

Experts and observers thought that this city would fall to Russia because it was only 30 kilometres from the Russian border. But their famous military has been kept on Kharkiv’s northern outskirts, and we were granted access to this suburban frontier.

We were taken by the Ukrainian Army to a camp for children, complete with wooden cabins and towers resembling fantasy. However, we found the grounds littered with exploding shells.

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“The shelling can be really chaotic, they land there and there,” stated our military guide who declined to be identified.

Image Kharkiv lies approximately 30km from the Russian border

Doc, a soldier who was wiring up landmines during the bombardment, was found by us. He said that he had discovered cover in the basement of a nearby maintenance shed.

“It was scary, it was deafening, but the basement protected me. He said, “I can’t express my feelings in words, my fear about my family.”

“Why are they sending rockets and shells here?” I was curious.

“They don’t care, they send it wherever they want. He replied, “They don’t even have the option to choose anymore.”

The key developments in the Ukraine war are:

* Officials from Ukraine claim that thousands of Mariupol residents have been relocated to Russian soil.

* Russia claims it attacked Ukraine with cruise missiles launched from ships in the Black Sea or Caspian Seas, and launched Hypersonic Missiles out of Crimean airspace

* 56 people were killed when Russian troops opened fire at an elderly people’s house in Kreminna. Ukraine claims

Sky News: Ukraine’s deputy prime Minister says she believes that genocide is being committed against the Ukrainian people

The UN estimates that 10 million people have fled to Ukraine after being forced from their homes.

Army captain accused Russia for refusing to repatriate bodies

We needed shelter again a few minutes later. Our guide was alarm by the sound of rockets and we ran for shelter in the maintenance shed.

There are signs of war everywhere, including the remains of a Russian armoured columns littering the trees.

This is an indication of what the Ukrainians were able to accomplish against a stronger and more well-equipped foe.

We were shown the bodies of five Russian servicemen, in a shocking display of gritted and determined determination, outside a station in a northern suburb.

Image Russian soldiers were placed in the “Z” shape, which is Vladimir Putin’s identifying mark
Image The area is littered with remnants of a Russian strike.

They were arranged in the form of a “Z” by the Ukrainians, which is the Russian identifying mark on military vehicles.

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10 Million flee their homes after Russia’s invasion

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Danylo Ishchenko, a Ukrainian Army captain claimed that the Russians refused to repatriate these bodies.

“Our commanders advised (the Russians) that you should return these bodies. They (said) that they don’t require it.”

Although the battle has slowed down, it is not over. Everyone in this city knows that. The northern suburbs of Kharkiv are likely to remain a battlefield for many weeks or months.


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