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Indiscriminate attacks on outskirts of Kyiv strike terror into communities

The crater is 15ft deep and lies in front of the house we are looking at.

After a missile attack, the house and all surrounding homes were smashed to pieces. Windows, doors and walls were blown out. Personal possessions were also destroyed.

It looks as though this street in Markhilivika, in the greater Kyiv region of Ukraine used to be a peaceful oasis of suburban serenity. It’s far from being that.

The Russian forces seem to have been stopped in their attempts at encircling the capital and entering the city to take control – but they continue to terrorize residents throughout the Kyiv region.

Image While the Russian troops seem to have stopped at the capital, they continue terrorizing residents of the Kyiv region

Live Updates: Russia may be “planning to starve Kyiv to submission”

The Russian troops appear to have stopped in the capital’s northern-western suburbs of Irpin and Bucha.

We were amazed to see that towns we thought would be almost overrun in a matter of days when we visited them last week are still standing.

More information about Kyiv

The Russian troops appear not to have been able move beyond the Irpin bridge into Kyiv, which was so familiar to Sky viewers who witnessed hundreds fleeing fighting for relative safety in the capital.

The latest news from the frontlines is that Russian troops were pushed back. Although it is impossible to confirm the accuracy of these anonymous reports, the absence of Russian troops across that bridge seems to lend credence to them.

To the east of the capital, the Troops who were defeated in Brovary appear to have been held back.

However, the police have used the 35-hour curfew in the city to reinforce and fortify the barricades. They also use tractors to block roads, and rusty trams to drag others across.

Image The front yard of a house is now a 15-foot-deep crater

The presence of more Ukrainian soldiers at the city center checkpoints is evident. There are also more rigorous checks on all vehicles and their occupants as they pass through the capital.

Reports that Russian saboteurs operate in all parts the country are increasing. They may have infiltrated capital to identify targets and guide any possible attacks.

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Will Russia use chemical arms?

Despite earlier indications that the Russian military may be planning to encircle the capital and place siege to it, there has been a steady increase in long-distance random bombing and shelling on the outskirts.

These acts of terror inflict terror on the community and create a horrible and justified horror.

Image Mikhailo Dotsenko said that his son’s house was destroyed and that this is war with people…just eliminating other human beings’

Mikhailo Dotsenko invited us to his destroyed Markhilivka home, where he told us Oleg was supposed to be there, but he had been persuaded by his parents to go to Markhilivka.

Mikhailo said, “I don’t even know how I can describe it.” “I don’t know the words.”

He stops. He is unable to find the right words to describe his family’s current situation.

He continues, “There is no humanity there.” This is not war against an army. This is war against humans… only eliminating other humans. This atrocity is beyond justification. It’s madness.”

Few would be able to disagree with him at the moment.

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The Russian troops appear to be struggling to end the strangulation of the capital.

Image Sky’s Alex Crawford sees the remains of a missile at Markhalivka

Military experts predicted that they could surround the capital in 24-96 hours last week. They now suggest it could take longer.

Both sides see Kyiv as the ultimate prize, everything. The residents of the entire Kyiv region might see more chaotic and desperate war actions if there is no progress on the battlefield.

Alex Crawford reports from Ukraine with Jake Britton, Jake Jacobs and Oleksandre Piiskun


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