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Nine dead after Ukrainian military base used for NATO drills near Poland is targeted by Russian airstrikes

According to the Lviv governor, nine people were killed when a Ukrainian military base used in NATO drills was hit by a Russian airstrike. The target was less than 15 miles away from the Polish border.

Maksym Kozytskyy stated that 57 people were injured after 30 cruise missiles were fired on the International Centre for Peacekeeping and Security (Yavoriv), in what appears to have been the most extreme attack in the war.

After a Russian diplomat warned that Moscow regards Western military equipment shipments to Ukraine as “legitimate targets”, the strike brought the war to a close to Poland’s border.

Oleksii Reznikov, Ukraine’s defense minister, has stated that foreign military instructors are employed at the Lviv military training site.


A representative from the defence ministry said that they are still trying determine if instructors were present at the facility during the attack.

Reuters reports that a witness saw more then a dozen ambulances heading towards the base.

The US has sent military instructors to the base regularly since 2015. In addition, the facility has hosted NATO drills.

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This military training facility, which is located less than 15 miles (25 km) from the Polish border, is the largest in western Ukraine.

Interfax Ukraine quoted Anton Mironovich as saying that “The occupiers launched a airstrike against the International Centre for Peacekeeping and Security.”

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Key developments

  • Zelenskyy claims that ‘Invaders” are trying to make Kherson a region of independence.
  • Russia “Installs new mayor in Melitopol’
  • Britons who accept refugees will receive PS350-a month’thanks’ from the government
  • Russian forces seem to be making significant progress in their assault on Kyiv
  • Officials said that Mariupol’s situation has become critical following a 12-day blockade.
  • Russia warns that it considers Western arms shipments for Ukraine “legitimate” military targets
Image Yavoriv lies close to Ukraine’s border, with NATO member Poland

Russia warned that they would have to fight to the death to take Kyiv.

Russian fighters also fired on the Ivano-Frankivsk airport, which is a city in west Ukraine that lies 155 miles (250km), from the border with Slovakia or Hungary.

Ruslan Martsinkiv, Mayor of Moscow, stated that Russia’s goal was “to sow panic und fear”.

These attacks follow warnings by Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Ukrainian President, that Russian forces face a fight to death if they attempt to occupy Kyiv’s capital. Residents were woken on Sunday morning by air raid sirens.

“If they decide carpet bombing and just erase the history in this area… then they will be entering Kyiv. “If that is their goal, they can come in, but then they will have to live here by themselves,” Mr Zelenskyy stated on Saturday.

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Russia “trying to create a breakaway republic in Kherson”

President Zelenskyy warned Russia that it was trying to make Kherson, the captured city, a separatist republic like Donetsk or Luhansk in eastern Ukraine.

He said, “The invaders from the Kherson region are trying again to replicate the famous experience of the formation pseudo-republics.”

“Police local leaders to blackmail them, pressure them, and look for someone to bribe. They’re trying organize the so-called “KPR” (Kherson People’s Republic )…) against the will and protests of those who are out every day to demand Ukraine.

During the speech, he added: “Ukraine can stand this test.” We need strength and time to stop the war machine from coming to our land.

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Russia “plots more independent republics”

According to the Ukrainian president, 1,300 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed since the Russian invasion on February 24, 2002.

Zelenskyy also criticised NATO’s refusal of declaring a no fly zone over Ukraine. He said that his country had sought out ways to procure aircraft defense assets. However, he didn’t elaborate.

NATO stated that imposing a no fly zone could result in a larger war with Russia.

The US President Joe Biden announced an additional $200m in US aid to Ukraine. An additional $13bn was included in a bill which passed the House of Representatives. It should be approved by the Senate in the next few days.

The Ukrainian parliament claimed that Russia had installed a new mayor at the southern port of Melitopol, just a day after the mayor elected in the city was allegedly abducted by forces.

According to reports, Galina Danilchenko was announced Saturday as the new mayor by local television.

According to the parliament of Ukraine, Ivan Fedorov was abducted by armed men working for the Kremlin Friday.

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Melitopol’s mayor ‘abducted’

Russia attacked cities in Ukraine, bombarding Mariupol (in the south), and shelling Kyiv (in the outskirts) to stop people fleeing violence.

Mariupol has been under a 12-day blockade, some of the most severe punishments of war, and efforts to bring food, water, and medicine to the port city of Mariupol and evacuate civilians have been thwarted by incessant attacks.

According to a Ukrainian official, Russian soldiers destroyed a convoy carrying humanitarian aid that was trying reach Mariupol. They also blocked another convoy.

According to the mayor’s office more than 1,500 people died in Mariupol under the siege. The shelling also halted efforts to bury the dead at mass graves.

Sky News has been told by a Russian opposition politician that he believes Putin will “destroy” the world if he is not stopped.

Leonid Volkov was the former chief-of-staff for Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny’s presidential campaign in 2018. He stated: “It now seems very clear that immense cost must be paid to end this war.

There are all sorts of sanctions. But they also place a heavy burden on the European economic system. This is very clear. This cost must be paid, otherwise Putin will destroy the world.

When asked if President Putin would use nukes, Volkov responded: “As he’s crazy enough, unfortunately everything can be expected.”

Maxar Technologies released a satellite image showing buildings set ablaze in Primorskyi, western Mariupol. This is after Russia attacked the city.

Two satellite images also show Mariupol’s apartment buildings before and after the Russian invasion.


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