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Russian tactics evolve in face of Ukrainian resistance – as fears grow Putin could target a Western ally

As the Ukrainian resistance is fiercely resisting Russian tactics, what was supposed to be a quick invasion of Russia to overthrow Ukraine’s president has turned into a bloody war for attrition.

This could include more attacks on civilian targets to inflict terror, break morale, and expanding airstrikes throughout the country. It also includes hiring fighters from Syria or Iraq and possibly conspiring to allow Belarus to join conflict.

Western officials are also worried that Vladimir Putin might resort to chemical weapons – which are prohibited under international law-in a “false Flag” operation. He blames Ukraine in an attempt to justify his high-stakes and high-risk intervention.

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Russia meets ‘logistical challenges’

Last but not least, there is the possibility that Moscow may target an ally in the west that supplies weapons to Ukraine’s military to strengthen their defenses.

This could lead to Russia and NATO being in direct military confrontation. The US President Joe Biden stated that this would result in World War Three.

Ukraine – Russia updates live – Putin “not ready to end the invasion”

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Will Putin launch a nuclear war against the West?

Two weeks after the invasion, Russia’s failure to bring tanks to the capital Kyiv, and other cities to the north, south, and south of the country has led to its military resorting to heavy bombardments of residential areas and hospitals.

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This ruthless act, which involves killing children and maiming women and men, is evidence that the Ukrainian military is able to successfully defend itself against Russia’s superior firepower.

This willingness to inflict such indiscriminate damage exposes the fallacy behind President Putin’s justification of his war – that he was acting as a save Ukraine from the falsely called “neo-Nazi government” of Ukrainian leader Volodomyr Zilenskyy

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Zelenskyy: “A new stage in terror”

Another change was that the initial invasion was focused on the south, east, and north of the country.

On Friday morning, Russian airstrikes struck military airfields west of Moscow. These airfields had been relatively unaffected by violence and were considered a safe haven.

Regional officials believed that Russia’s expanding targeting was a new step in conflict and predicted further Russian air strikes.

Shifts can also occur among ground formations.

Image Mariupol is still under siege

The remnants of a 40-mile-long column made up of Russian military vehicles have been dispersed. They spent days barely moving north of Kyiv.

Defence Intelligence, an intelligence arm of the UK Ministry of Defence, stated that this was “likely” to support a Russian attempt at encircling the city.

The change in posture could also be a Russian attempt to decrease its vulnerability to counterattacks from Ukraine, which have already taken a substantial toll on Russian forces.

Numerous video clips of Ukrainian-armed drones destroying Russian tanks and other equipment have been released.

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Odesa in the south is considered to be Russia’s next strategic goal

According to western officials, top commanders have had to take more risks because of the slowing Russian advance across the country. They are now closer to the front in an effort to regain momentum. At least three of the country’s most powerful generals have been killed as a result.

Russia’s casualties may become too high. This is why Putin might recruit “volunteers”, more than 16,000 from Syria and Iraq, to help him fight the Russian war.

Reports have also suggested that Moscow plans to deploy mercenaries of private military companies, with alleged links to the Kremlin such as and the Wagner group.

Additionally, Ukraine is worried that Belarus, a key ally to the Kremlin is prepared to send its troops to support the Russian attack.

Image Military training is provided to Belarusian soldiers at the Belarusian Company Base in Kyiv

“As losses mount,” Russia will have to draw on other sources to strengthen their overstretched regular force,” said a Defence Intelligence update posted to Twitter on Saturday.

Putin gambled his legacy in the war in Ukraine.

If things don’t go his way, he might try to escalate violence by using chemical weapons like sarin gas.

Image Vladimir Putin believes that mercenaries must be allowed to enter the battle zone in order to fight for Russia

In an interview with Sky News’s Beth Rigby , both US and British officials raised concerns about this possibility.

It is possible that Moscow could launch chemical weapons attacks, adding terror to the conflict. However, Ukraine would then be blamed and used that to justify even more violence.

As Russia’s offensive intensifies so does the level of support that Western allies (including the UK and many European Union countries) are providing to Ukraine’s military. This includes ammunition and anti-aircraft missiles.

Image Russian advance and control as of 11 March

This means that Ukrainian soldiers must not only be willing to die for their country, but also have the ability to fire at any opponent.

The West must strike a delicate balance between supporting Russia and not provoking direct military confrontation.

Ukraine war: When should NATO confront Vladimir Putin

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Ukraine war: No fly zones explained

NATO allies have so far refused to comply with increasing pressure from Ukraine to create a no fly zone above their skies in order to prevent Russian airstrikes.

Russia, however, chose escalation over de-escalation and warned Saturday that it would treat Western arms supplies to Ukraine as legitimate military targets.

If the Russian military attacks such a shipment on the NATO country’s territory, it will declare war on the alliance. This would create a new conflict between nuclear-armed foes.

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