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Poet and Instagram star whose father was murdered in Russia calls for Putin to be tried for war crimes

Russian-born poet and Instagram favorite, Alina Ivanova, has demanded that Vladimir Putin be tried for war crimes.

Sky News was contacted by Arch Hades, a pseudonym she uses to protect her identity. She said that the bombardment of Ukraine was “abhorrent” but insisted that most Russians opposed “Putin’s war”.

She said that her poetry has helped her gain more than one million Instagram fans. The 29-year old moved to London from St Petersburg as a child, after her father was “gunned in an alleyway” in St Petersburg.

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Image Ms Hades believes that most Russians oppose Putin’s war in Ukraine

To protect her surviving family members, she said that her father was a businessman who supported “democracy” and “liberalism” which she “despised” under the Putin regime.

She now fears that the Russians are being “sealed inside a cage” with Mr Putin, as the country becomes more isolated. He will also “take out His wrath upon them” if he loses war in Ukraine.

Sky News’ Hades said that he hoped to see Putin at The Hague. I would like to see him charged with war crimes.

“I fear that Putin will double down if he doesn’t get his way and might escalate his aggression.”

“I fear for the Ukrainian people. They will survive.

“I am a pacifist, but I know that if the Ukrainians give up their weapons, there will no more Ukraine.

“If Putin takes over, I fear he will not stop there.”

Image The shelling decimated a residential building in Borodyanka (Ukraine).

Putin won’t stop until he is stopped

Hades, who was the subject of headlines last year after she sold a poem in nonfungible token (NFT), for $525,000. This saw her being called “the world’s most highly paid poet”, and has now donated PS30,000 towards the Ukraine relief effort.

She stated that she believes Putin will not stop until he is stopped. If he is found guilty, he should spend the rest of his life in prison.

She added, “I’m sure there will be calls for death penalty.” “I hear a lot right now calling for his assassination.

“No more blood. “I don’t want any more death. You must hold him responsible.

“Arrest him. We are teaching everyone irresponsibility if we don’t hold him responsible.

Image Vladimir Putin faces calls to be tried for war crimes.

She said that Russia’s president should be seized of his “stolen wealth” and used to rebuild Ukraine, and other parts of Russia he “destroyed”.

“You won’t get the justice that you want”

Hades stated that she was “terrified” upon arriving in the UK at eight years old, and was unable to speak English with her family soon after her father’s death in 2000.

She claimed that her father’s murderers have never been caught.

The writer stated, “When something like this happens, there’s no justice.”

Image Ms Hades stated that she was terrified when she moved to the UK following her father’s death

“You won’t get the justice that you desire. You won’t get the answers that you need. It is up to you to keep moving forward. You just need to have courage.

It was extremely difficult to lose your home, family and life in one instant.

“And then, to have to flee the country for safety.

“You don’t have friends or connections. You just need to find your way and see what happens.

“You must rely on the compassion and kindness of strangers.”

Hades, now a British citizen has asked the UK government for help in allowing Ukrainian refugees to settle in Britain.

She added, “Twenty-years ago, the kindness that this nation showed me saved my life.”

“So I ask that the British people continue to show kindness to the Ukrainian refugees, because it will save their lives.”

Image Approximately 2.5 million people have fled Ukraine to seek refuge, according to the UN.

“Don’t paint all Russians the same way”

Hades stated that she was concerned about an “anti-Russian backlash in Britain” and claimed that many Russian soldiers aren’t “blood-thirsty warongers”.

She said, “I know people currently imprisoned because they protest against the war.”

“I am afraid for their lives. “I fear that they will starve or be beaten to their deaths.

“We must remember that this is not the Russians’ desire. This is Putin’s war.

Image: The Russian bombing attack on a Mariupol maternity hospital sparked outrage across the globe. Pic by AP

She said, “A lot these Russian soldiers don’t blood-thirsty warongers. Many of them will be conscripted.

“Many of them are mooting. Many people refuse to leave… they don’t want to do this.

“I really want the British people to tell me: Please don’t paint all Russian-born people the same way as Putin and his aides.”

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Hades also raised concerns about the safety of prominent Putin opponent Alexei Navalny, who was imprisoned last year after he survived what he claims was a Russian attempt at poisoning him.

Hades stated that “the hope for a peaceful, democratic Russia rests with him.”

“We must think beyond Putin. What will the Russians do to rebuild Russia after Putin’s death?

He’s still a man. He is not immortal. He will eventually die. What will happen next?

“I fear that Navalny’s voice will be drowned out by the sound of war.”

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