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Russia confirms it has used thermobaric weapons in Ukraine, says UK's MoD

According to the Ministry of Defence of the UK, Russia has confirmed that it used thermobaric weapons against Ukraine.

According to the UK MoD, its Russian counterpart stated that the TOS-1A weapons system had been deployed.

The system utilizes thermobaric rockets to create incendiary or blast effects, according to the MoD.

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Thermobaric weapon suck oxygen from the air and produce a high-temperature explosion. This blast is typically much longer than that of a traditional explosive.

They can vaporize human bodies.

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A Russian-language Telegram account identified what open-source analysts believed to be a Russian TOS-1A thermobaric multiple-launch rocket system. It was located on a road connecting Kyiv with Sumy.

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According to a US defense official, Russia could not have used thermobaric weapons in Ukraine.

At a briefing, he stated that he knew that the Ukrainian government has the launching systems that could be used.

Rockets with a thermobaric warhead are used. We cannot confirm the presence of these weapons in Ukraine, nor can we provide any evidence.

This announcement comes just as Defense Secretary Ben Wallace announced that the UK government would send more weapons to Ukraine including new anti-tank missiles.

He informed MPs that the UK had delivered 3,615 anti tank (NLAW) weapons, and that a “small consignment of Javelin antitank missiles” will be coming soon.

To help Ukraine’s forces defeat President Putin’s air force, he said that the Russians were “changing their tactics” and that the Ukrainians should too.

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UK supplies Ukraine defence

Wallace said that the UK would soon supply a small consignment of Javelin anti tank missiles to Ukraine and will be exploring the possibility of donating Starstreak missiles to Ukraine.

The defence secretary stated that supplies of rations, medical equipment, and other non-lethal military assistance will be increased.


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