#CLCC – #Romania businesses launch Coalition for Trade and Communication Freedom in ‘good governance’ fightback - London Globe '

#CLCC – #Romania businesses launch Coalition for Trade and Communication Freedom in ‘good governance’ fightback

Some 2,000 of Romania’s largest firms and SMEs have come together to launch the Coalition for Trade and Communication Freedom (CLCC).

The move, spanning the energy, hospitality, retail, media, advertising and professional services sector, marks a major development for the country’s business sector.

Representing both domestic and international firms operating in Romania, the EU’s fifth-largest country, the CLCC brings together firms with accumulated turnover of over 50 billion lei (almost 11€ billion) and over 36,000 employees in an effort to effectively  “contribute to the establishment of a predictable, balanced fiscal and legislative framework” inside the country.

CLCC members argue that economic, trade and communication freedoms are fundamental and dialogue between authorities and business is critical in driving good governance and economic prosperity.

The launch of the CLCC follows a number of high-profile criticisms of the Romania’s approach to regulation in recent years in which a string of regulatory initiatives were launched targeting certain industries and without consulting business.

Recent examples include reforms of the country’s business tax regime, stealth taxes on sugar products and stringent new tobacco regulations pushed by NGOs which far exceed baseline EU standards.

The Coalition’s objective is to ensure a competitive business environment so that companies can invest and develop in the Romanian market, “paying the salaries of millions of Romanians and contributing to the development of the whole community”.

Commenting on the launch of the initiative, Gilda Lazăr, Japan Tobacco International’s (JTI) Head of Corporate Affairs & Communications, JTI Romania, Moldova and Bulgaria, told EUReporter: “We are proud to support this initiative.  CLCC’s key priority is the promotion of legislative stability and fiscal predictability, as well as ensuring a balanced and proportionate regulation on business.

“For regulation to be effective, it is critical that all business stakeholders are consulted by authorities.

“The firm I represent welcomes well thought-out and proportionate regulations.  The introduction of certain anti-tobacco measures, however, such as a ban on the display of tobacco products in shops and indoor vaping bans could lead to significant unintended consequences, impacting right across the hospitality and communication sectors and leading to an increase in illegal trade.

“The CLCC will provide JTI – and the broader Romanian business community – with a reinforced voice in the debate about which regulations do and do not work.”

CLCC was launched in partnership with the Romanian Parliament’s Budget and Finance Committee.

Committee President Romanian MP Sorin Lazar told this website: “Across Europe – and in Romana in particular – businesses need support and encouragement in order to thrive.

“Going forward, these debates will be a necessary, crucial mechanism by which politicians can get the right information and learn the best way to shape balanced regulation for the benefit of business and consumers”.


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